Thursday, June 5, 2014

X-Men: Days of Future Past - A Trailer Through Time

X-Men: Days of Future Past (Action | Drama)(2014)

Trailer Below:




     X-Men: Days of Future Past is the seventh installment in the X-Men series. With a 
whopping seven movies, it could seem difficult to believe the series to be fresh, yet Days of Future Past truly brings the series to a whole new level - one I wish the series to stay at. The trailer (embedded above) brings about a powerful emotional response, and leaves the watcher with a thirst for more. The trailer is not intended for those unaware of the story. It tells us that if you are not a true X-Men fan, you should not be watching this. This can be inferred through the intentional abandonment of plot throughout the trailer. However, as a true fan of the series myself, it is implicitly easy to understand what is going on. The hype this trailer spurred for myself, and many others, was huge.
     This trailer appeals to many senses. It quickly establishes credibility in a variety of ways. It begins with the famous Marvel opener, which instantly evokes a certain level of quality expected by the viewer. Soon afterwards, we see the biggest star of the movie, Hugh Jackman (The Wolverine), followed by Halie Berry (Storm), all while being narrated, throughout the entire trailer, might I say, by Patrick Stewart (Prof. X). It is simply told in the beginning that this movie is not only a true love letter to the fans of X:Men, but an extremely long-awaited sequel to X:Men: The Last Stand.
     The trailer also delivers, from 0:05 through the rest of the trailer, a strong emotional response. This trailer does an absolutely phenomenal job at capturing the emotions it's fans. The entire trailer, I felt my heart pounding as I watched my favorite characters on the edge of their existence. The music, clips, and narration all evoke such a powerful statements, that one simply cannot watch this without feeling sentimental nostalgia, fear, and truth revealed, lest that person has no emotions to begin with.
     For those who are true fans of the series, this trailer brings many plot line from the previous spin off movies together into a straighter line. The chronology of the X:Men movies is very well-known to be corrupted. The past installments suffer from plot points that seem to range from different universes entirely. Based off of this trailer, it seems that Days of Future Past aims to fix some of the broken plot lines. This will certainly attract many fans who are looking for some sort of logic in the series.
     The only downfall this beautiful trailer contains is that it is not very welcome to newcomers of the series. However, I strongly believe that if you are a person who has never seen an X-Men movie before you are both completely insane, and will probably not being seeing this film anyways. As said before, for a seventh installment, and one that looks to be a masterpiece at that, this trailer is truly a love letter to the fans of the series.
     The trailer shows each of the main characters, delivers promise of an emotional adventure, and establishes itself as a continuation of the successful franchise that is X-Men.


     The trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past brings about such a strong sense of emotion, action, success, and importance. It speaks to the fans and establishes itself as a movie that will not only be successful in the box office, but successful in the hearts of the many fans of X-Men. This trailer, without a doubt, deserves three director's cuts.

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