Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Other Woman... 3 girls, 1 guy.

For my movie trailer I chose The Other Woman. This movie is about a woman that discovers her boyfriend is married, and after meeting the wife he is betraying, soon discovers yet another love affair. Once all three women realize what has happened, they team up to plot revenge on the jerk.

Nick Cassavetes, director of The Notebook(2004), an extremely popular romantic film, gives him credibility for any of his movies because it was such a great and well known movie. It makes people want to see this movie because of how well he did with The Notebook, which I also consider to be logos. The lead actresses in this movie, Cameron Diaz, known for starring in the films Bad Teacher(2011), There’s Something About Mary(1998), and The Mask(1994).  Kate Upton, is a very popular model known for her work with Sports Illustrated magazine Leslie Mann, is known for being very comedic in her lead roles starring in This Is 40(2012), Knocked Up(2007), and Funny People(2009), are all very popular actresses. These actresses playing in such successful movies gives them the credibility to make people want to come and see this film.Nicki Minaj is the most popular female rap artist right now and she plays a role in this movie that definitely appeals to the ethos side of things because of who she is in society and her being in it contributes a wider audience for the film. With this trailer for the movie you can tell that the obvious audience they are trying to reach is women because it portrays a “women must stick together” type of attitude given the plot of the movie being about a man who is cheating on several different woman and we know that is something that is considered wrong, ethically.

With this being a romantic comedy it already appeals to two types of audiences. For those who like romance, it’s an obvious choice because the main plot line of the story is a man having several relationships with different woman and then the comedic side of it is these woman teaming up to scheme and plot their revenge for him breaking all of their hearts. When you watch the trailer for this movie it would be easy to see it and say “it’s a chick flick, I have to see this movie.” Which is a reason that a lot of women go see movies. Another pathos I thought stood out during this trailer is the use of Kate Upton as one of the lead actresses. Whenever people think of or see Kate Upton, there’s no secret that she is considered “hot” or very attractive and that is something that can draw an emotional appeal, especially for men. With this being such a female oriented movie, having hot women broadens the audience to men who would think not to see it because it is such a chick flick.

Me being a woman, I saw the trailer for this movie and was beyond excited to see it because it appealed to everything I like about a movie. There’s romance, there’s comedy, attractive people, and to top it off, they were all actors that I knew of and enjoyed to watch. I thought the trailer portrayed the plot of the movie very well and after watching the movie and then re-watching the trailer again, I was very impressed. I rate this a 3.
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