Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Apple getting there!

The movie that I have chosen for this blog is the Neighbors. This is an interesting comedy movie in which a fraternity moves into a quiet neighborhood. This is the beginning of a constant fight between the frat guys and the family who lives next door.
I think one of the main aspects the movie is promoting is the fraternities. It is pretty real because you can relate to the fraternity lifestyle with the fraternities in any university. Fraternities are a reason why many people want to go to college. Fraternities are portrayed as an opportunity to make friends and party hard. Also some fraternity guys think that they are cooler and can get more girls if they are in a fraternity. A reason why the movie is so popular is because the fraternity lifestyle is a big theme in the reality of college life to which many people have experienced during college years.   
At the very end of the movie, the fraternity is forced to move out because the cops busted the “big” party. In the film it is possible to see how Mac and Kelly, quiet neighborhood residents, use Apple products to communicate with their friends who helped them sabotage the fraternity. Interestingly enough the name of the “man of the house” is Mac.
As we have talked in class right now the director and the producer are the one who paid Apple to be able to use their products. It is possible to see in the film the use of Apple products over any other platforms. For instance, at the beginning of the movie Mac and Kelly receive a Facetime call from a friend. When it comes to image, Apples campaign always display the easiness of its features on its commercials. The Neighbors resembles an Apple commercial as any other film could have just split the screen or included the voice dialogue between the characters. However, the Neighbors chose the use of iPhones and displayed the Facetime feature.
The film targets a young audience as it is a rated R comedy. This makes it appealing to high school and college students as well as young adults. This is a reason why Apple may be predominantly chosen for this film. It targets the young people who choose platforms other than Apple. Advertising doesn't always mirror how people are acting but how they're dreaming. In a sense what we're doing is wrapping up your emotions and selling them back to you (Sut Jhally 3). The use of iPhones, Macbooks and iPads all promote Apple to an audience which is highly disputed between Android, Google, and Apple.
Apple uses mac and Kelly to advertise their products with their “cool” features. This establishes credibility or ethos. Pathos is portrayed as happiness, having a good time. Mac and Kellys friend contacts them through Facetime and asks them to come out and have fun. In my opinion, logos shows in the film as the majority of characters make use of Apple gadgets. Numbers don’t lie; the majority of characters use Apple products. Gathering factual information and transmitting it faithfully practically define what we mean by professional journalism and scholarship (Lunsford 60).


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