Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Let it Go

Title: Frozen
Genre: Animation | Adventure | Comedy
Starring: Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Jonathan Groff


The movie Frozen is about two sisters who become estranged after an incident when they were younger. The first sister Elsa, the oldest, was gifted with magical frozen powers. The first scene takes place with Elsa and her little sister playing in the snow created by Elsa’s powers. This playing gets out of hand when Anna is struck in the head by one Elsa’s “ice powers”. Her parents (the king and queen) take her to some trolls who heal her, warning that if she gets hit in the heart, she will not be so lucky. Their parents’ later die yielding an opening for the queen’s position, which is taken over by sister Elsa. During coronation day Elsa is found out of her powers causing her to run away into the mountains of Scandinavia. While rebuilding her life in the mountains, she sings a song “let it go”, which is believed to signify her embracing the different qualities and accepting the way she truly is.
This song can be targeted to both children and adults giving off the message that while everyone is different, it is important to embrace who you are. This could go strongly with people who are in different racial backgrounds, different sexualities, or different social classes. It could be taken differently by those of different ages. For children, the message I feel given off is that of embracing being ones self and “letting go” of the pressures to conform to that of society. I believe this message is the same to adults; however, the issues that one would relate to this would vary dramatically between that of children and adults.
Disney movies often receive a lot of attention for their subliminal messages that are said to overwhelm their works. However, I don’t believe Frozen was nearly as controversial as some of their other films. Frozen gave off a message that could be adopted by various ages and was not simply directed at one class of people. For this reason, I have chosen to give this film two director cuts. I do not believe it deserved three because the message was not particularly strong enough or specific enough to really catch ones eye. 

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