Monday, June 16, 2014

Flying as a Superhero

The man of steel, it was the latest version of the Superman, one of the most popular superhero in all the history. This movie is trying to put a supernatural man in the real day life. The character was send to the Earth from another world, after knowing the superpower he has, he had to keep the secret to himself. Realizing that he was sent to this world for a reason. This reason is that the army of his world came to invade the Earth. The reason why they make another movie is because the past movies the only thing Superman do by himself is walk and talk. So they want to make more realistic, so the people can think it is ´´possible´´ to have a superhero.
I’m going to talk about how they make superman fly and even fly faster as it used to be. As you can imagine no one can really so… how did they do to make Superman fly? By time we are know you should know how much technology we have. It is as simple as putting the person with special harness and instruments that will make the person moves according with that instrument. Then many of the director to make it more realistic they used like a blowhole trying to simulate the wind when they are really flying in the air. Also sometimes they do not used the harness as some of the pictures that I have seen in which the character it just lay in his chest with one arm extended and the other one bent. Just like the mythical position of the first Superman. From the last to these new version the speed of flying and the movement have increased so big. Of course they are moving when they do the scene but not as fast as you see in the movie. The rest of the work is made by the computer and the programming that they have.
Furthermore they are not filming how he flies in a real environment, they are in an indoor facility with the background completely empty and paint it with a solid color. Then the computer is in charge of put it in the real environment. This is only one of the many special effects that they are in the movie. All the superheroes movies, Disney movies scene fiction and so on, most of the movie is make through the computer. It is why we have advanced so much in the last years with the reality of the movies. Traditional animation, with its time-consuming, hand-drawn cel images, is being replaced by computers, which produce images that are created digitally, not รก mano (Gianeti 33). So the technology it is a really important part to make a good special effects.

Superman case I think it has improved a lot, it is why he earned many awards also. I will rant the especial effect that I have analyzed with 3 out of 3, as I said the speed that they have put it, it does not look less realistic than before. Of course it is not completely real but putting this time Superman in the human situations all movie, it makes a quick connections between the audience and the argument (Lundsford 45) Before you see the movie you have to understand is going to be a superhero movie with superpower, but as thinking about that they have made a great job trying to look more real. But no all the movies that have include special effect are better that the past movies which used less especial effects.

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