Thursday, June 5, 2014

Wolf of Wall Street - More is never enough

More is never enough in The Wolf of Wall Street. The trailer opens up with fast paced shots of Wall Street and a quote from the main character, Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio), which immediately gets viewers attention. “My name is Jordan Belfort. The year I turned 26 I made 49 million dollars, which really pissed me off because it was 3 shy of a million a week.” Instantly we already know this movie is going to be about a wealthy, powerful, money-hungry man and business world he is in. There is a strong ethos appeal through opening with Leonardo DiCaprio, and also, Matthew McConaughey who ironically is only present in the first few scenes of the movie. You wonder why they showed him in the trailer as much as they did, and it’s because of his widely known name. The clips of DiCpario’s character give a perfect glimpse of what he is about and the insane, party lifestyle that gets the best of him.
This movie was rated R for good reason, as it was one of my favorites I ever saw in theatres, I also would have never seen it with either of my parents. The trailer cut out parts that personally made my jaw drop when watching the film. Creators used solid effort of pathos in this trailer through the use of gold, and Kanye’s intense song “Black Skinhead” which made you crave to have the character’s lifestyle. It immediately grabbed my attention when the song and fast clips from the movie started rolling. They used major sex appeal through Jordan Belfort’s wife especially, and kept viewers’ adrenalin rushing the whole time. People easily associate a man’s wealth and power that contribute to drugs and sex, which were the three things this movie portrayed better than anything. The office scenes of strippers and money celebrations keep your attention and curiosity as to what social rules could they possibly keep crossing. The crude humor, comedy, and drama of this film are what made it so successful. It emotionally drew me into the end of the movie, which they excluded in the trailer, involving the person Jordan Belfort became. Based on a true story, this movie I think makes a strong emotional connection to viewers when they realize people actually extravagantly live like this.
            People recently have associated Leonardo DiCaprio as doing a fabulous job playing the extremely wealthy, self-centered addictive character in the latest movies such as this one, and The Great Gatsby. This logos device either attracts viewers or not depending how they expect the movie to go. Wealthy man and the problems that come with it, preceding his downfall at the end. It can be a little bit predictable, but this trailer, along with other actors people love to watch like Jonah Hill, attract movie-goers and keep the audience curious.
            I’d rate this trailer and movie with a 3 because through the different appeals (ethos, pathos, logos) it gains and keeps the attention of viewers. It immediately pulls you in. After watching the trailer, it makes you want more.


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