Monday, June 16, 2014

Dark Knight

In The Dark Knight we know there are plenty of action scenes and special effects used. In one particular I looked at was the hospital explosion scene, which is infamously talked about as being partly impromptu. "In short. film artists interested in F/X materials need to be just as talented as artists in any other style or genre. It what they do with the technology artistically that counts, not the technology per se" (Special Effects). This movie was never over-done with the explosions or special effects added in my opinion. Film makers found a solid balance between car chases, different kind of explosions, and other effects such as the point of view from Batman's eyes. This scene is appealing because the explosion was just not a predictable all at once chaos. It even first starts out with a car crash scene drawing audience attention, which was not overdone. As the Joker walks out from the hospital, computers generated a few top layers of windows to blow out. He looks back to notice it all hasn't exploded yet so starts messing with his detonator and pushing the button a few times but then shrugs and acts like he gives up. The second explosion then goes off and the building begins to collapse by pieces. The Joker looks frightened, shocked, and excited all at the same time as he quickly hops into the back of a school bus rushing away. The way this scene was planned and the impromptu acting of Ledger enhanced the explosion to not be as expected like normal action movies.
Watching this movie in theaters and again after I still find the special effects and camera angles to be perfectly made. There are plenty of action/adventure movies that seem completely fake when watching, which is why I notice the importance of how film artists use the technology with talent rather then just knowing how to do it. The Dark Knight is a great example to film artists of when and how to use special effects in scenes.
Overall I rate this a 3 because besides being a fan of the movie, the special effects along with talented acting reached its full potential in my opinion. Film makers had a perfect balance of using computer generated effects and then using real life scenes.

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