Thursday, June 5, 2014

No more new memories! (Memento | Mystery, Thriller)

No more new memories!


Memento (Mystery | Thriller)

What if you find yourself with short-term memory loss? For this movie trailer review I chose “Memento.” It tells the story of a man suffering from short-term memory loss, in other words he can’t build new memories. With this “condition” he’s looking for the man responsible for killing his wife and making him like that as collateral damage. In order for him to keep track of everything, he came up with the idea of using tattoos, Polaroid photos and hand-written notes.
As director we have Christopher Nolan; a well-known film director, producer and screenwriter, acclaimed to have created several of the most successful films of the early 21st century, with movies like The Dark Knight trilogy (Batman) and Inception. If you like him and some of his movies you will definitely be hooked by Memento (ethos).
            Moreover, as the trailer shows we have Guy Pearce (Leonard) as the main character, the one with the short-term memory loss. We also have Carrie-Anne Moss as Natalie, probably you recognize her from Matrix, if you like her performance in Matrix you will certainly enjoy on Memento (pathos), also, we have Joe Pantoliano (Teddy) and Jorja Fox as Leonard wife.
            The movie trailer starts with Guy Pearce awaking and looking confused, as he says; “Awake. Where am I? Some anonymous hotel room” just from here we can already see an emotional appeal. However, from the beginning to the end the trailer is full of mystery that brings logos appeal to it, an example is Leonard actions which are based on the photos that he takes and the notes that he leaves for himself, he tries to make sense, like a puzzle and using logic to better interpreter everything. As Andrea Lunsford in Everything is an argument says; “when your facts are compelling, they may stand on their own in a low-stakes argument, supported by little more saying where they come from.”

            Also, we can see that the trailer incorporates pathos, since Leonard is trying to find the killer of his wife, looking for vengeance. Lunsford in Everything’s an argument also points out by saying; “In analyzing emotional appeals, judge whether the emotions raised – anger, sympathy, fear, envy, joy or love.”
            Nevertheless, I’m only giving two directors cut for this movie trailer because we can see more pathos and logos than ethos. Maybe because it was not made by a renown movie label. Also, the movie trailer might not catch a newcomer attention at the first. I don’t think the movie trailer really shows how good the movie is, and can be argued that it has a few spoilers, maybe gives out too much.


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