Thursday, June 5, 2014

We re the Millers, is this a real family?

The movie ‘’we are the millers’’ it is a comedy movie. Very different character such as drug dealer, stripper, Virgin and one girl who run away from home. Trying to appear a typical American family, to pass marihuana from Mexico to USA. What do you expect the mixture of professions and way of life when they get together? You are not going to stop laughing. In the trailer you can see they all appear by the same amount of time. It looks like it is a funny movie, and make for families but, in the trailer they cut off many scenes that if I see them before I would not take my kids to watch it. Cutting these parts attracts more people to watch the movies. Also it includes family problems, and the different kind of families.
According to the actor Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudekis, they have been in others comedy movies so just seeing them, you think it is going to be good and funny. Also the director Rawson Thurber has made other movies such as The Mysteries of Pittsburgh and A True Underdog Story. Characterized by making comedies movies, We re the Millers it is not an exception. Making jokes to the different professions, laughing at each other. All the character, who appear in the poster of the movie, are, as you can see in the trailer, the good character of the movie. Maybe no in the position that they put in the poster because the two girl are in front and then the men are behind, and probably I will say that it is better if they put the Dad in front.
Just watching the trailer you can even laugh at the scenes, and most of the scenes are happy and funny. Normally the people like laughing a lot. These is not and specific movie for any kind of person, even adults will laugh at some of them. Most comedy movies have bright colors, colors can affect the way you look at the movie. In a comedy movies they use bright colors. As Lunsford says in the book ‘’Everything’s an argument’’: color have a great power (335).  In the poster also the faces of the character, they have a happy and comics face.
Logo appears also in the Ethos, that I did not mentioned it but it the credibility that it is going to be good because the actors and also the director is good. Also because I said normally the people like to laugh so they will like this movie because it is a comedy movie. The actor choose very well what to put in the trailer, because you want every images or multimedia to carry out the purpose (Lunsford 334).

As I said the trailer show very well what is about the movie, but as I said the constantly use of marihuana and showing bad habits of the society, some parents may think there is not a movie for kids. But in my chase I like more the movie than the trailer.

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