Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I like gold too

What makes you want to impulsively buy something you normally wouldn’t have thought to buy? When we are standing in line at the grocery store and we grab the pack of gum at the end, why do we do this? We make moves to buy things that trigger our emotions, happiness and joy to name a couple, these emotions sometimes trigger memories and these memories make you want something a little out of the ordinary. You saw a car go fast as a child while drinking a coke, now every movie with fast cars has to be accompanied by a coke. Advertisements in movies are no separate subjects from gum at the end of a line. These items are put up front and center for us to see on purpose. And the more we see them in fun scenes the more impulsive it will be. The movie I have chosen for my blog is The Italian Job and their quest to sell some minis.
            “Look at that!  James Bond smokes Lark cigarettes!  The Teenage
Mutant Ninja Turtles eat Domino's pizza!  Spike Lee doesn't just
make commercials for Nike.  He actually wears them in his movies!” (Orange County Register) As this sentence may be taken out of context at first, I would like to give the author of the quote some justice, as she was mocking the industry that promotes advertisements in movies. I chose this quote because there are always two sides to every argument and this is there’s. They believe that the advertisements in the movies take away from the integrity of a movie. And the focus is drawn away from the movie. I say nay to that, The Italian Job  does a wonderful job of proving why its not all so bad. In 2003 a star studded class of actors such as: Donald Sutherland, Ed Norton, and Mark Wahlburg, came together to film a movie in which one of the biggest advertisements any movie has ever seen. In 2003 Mini cooper had just come out with a newer body style on a car and they wanted to show it off. Using a major ethos appeal they approached the director F. Gary Gary and asked if they could show off their cars in the new up and coming film The Italian Job. And as both sides agreed the cars became drastic hits to for the movies “The stars of The Italian Job were three Mk1 Austin Mini Cooper S's, in red, white and blue of course. The distinct characteristics are their unique 'Moustache' grill trim, sliding windows, external door hinges, early type boot locks, hinged number plates and hook-type door handles.” (The Italian These cars became icons in the movie and vehicle industries.
            The next question is how could a nation fall in love with these cars so randomly and simply form watching a movie?  During the movie the actors on numerous occasions use these new, speedy, and agile little vehicles to get themselves out of crazy situations. One big situation the cars in particular have is when the villain is finally given his over due revenge, making us as the audience feel an emotion of happiness and relief because the cars made it happen and saved the characters we were  as well emotionally attached to. Just like the gum at the end of a check out line sometimes makes you feel like your breath is or will be bad at some point, its the emotional factor that puts the most strain on the impulsive tug.

            As the ethos and pathos are strong for the side of the ad being a success, I on one hand have to side with the logos, in a sense logos disagrees it is a good idea. The gum is a small commodity that can easily be paid for and simple to attain. I have bad breath, bad breath makes people not want to talk to me, I can cure that with gum. The car is a rather expensive impulse, it's just a movie, and the accessibility of getting a car is not that simple. We see the cars in the movies and we are lead to believe through logos that a car can easily assist a bank robbery, yes you can drive crazy, you can rob banks, and sidewalk are all yours to drive on!!! But you have to let reality set in and realize that unless you are a stunt driver on that set, there will be no car bank robberies…that end well. The logos in an odd way disagrees that advertisements in movies a good idea on the soul fact logic says it won't happen. But as we have learned on numerous occasions, emotions usually win.

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