Monday, June 9, 2014

The excited story about a real love (The Notebook)

The Notebook

Where or When, from Aaron Zigman, is one of the soundtrack that sound at the very beginning as opening of the movie, The Notebook. The song as you hear it is very slow and I can feel even it was the beginning and I did not know anything about the movie, that it is going to be really sad, make you feel the drama and encourage you to keep watching the movie, as the song make you feel intrigued about what is going to happen in the movie. The scene alone without the soundtrack can be seeing a little bit useless and probably it does not mean anything, it is just a canoe in the middle of a lake with really nice sunset. I think the music I’m a drama movie is very important because some scene would not make sense without the music because they do not make feel, and as they are really slow you need to feel it and get excited about the next part.
According to Mansell, in the article Music and Mood, ´´I wanted the music to give off that basic feeling of what is to be a human, and that we could feel this growth through the music´´(A22). It fixes completely with what I was thinking and as I said it really make me feel something and probably feeling the sadness and the drama even before the movie started. You know that feeling inside, sometimes without notice it. Also there are several soundtracks in the movie, but I think all of which does an excellent job in creating particular moods and evoking feelings in the audience (Understanding Movies, Sound).

On the Lake (Aaron Zigman).The soundtrack is slow, but not as much as the first one. That make sense because all the movie have the sense of sadness, but in this case after being slow, and having the sense of feeling sad the tone of sound begins to get higher trying to show how the actress feels in that moment, in which they started to connect again with each other after 7 years of being separate. It gets excited seeing how strong love is and how it never ends. The music matches perfectly with that emotions because without it, there is just another scene of two people in a canoe, they can be seen like friends talking. Also link with the best scene of the  movie.
I think this movie in general have more pathos than anything else, because it is all about love, drama and the movie you can notice how the actors feel. The director show perfectly that to the audience, ‘’a more obvious way to build an emotional tie it simply to help readers identify with your experience’’ (Lunsford 34).


I will give 3 points to the soundtracks as I said they fit perfectly in to the scene, and also the composer choose correctly the songs with the theme of the movie. Making the audience feeling the emotions throughout the music, and many people can identify themselves if they have some drama in their lives.

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