Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Twilight Eclipse

There are several eye catching products used in this film but the two that stand out to me are the Apple “MacBook” and the SUV Volvo. I do not feel like this movie shapes a very good argument for the use of these two products in the throughout the film. For the Volvo that is portrayed so much during this film, I do not understand how it corresponds or plays a role in what the film is about. To me, it just seems like the Volvo was simply placed in certain scenes of the movie just to promote the car itself. The company just wanted to have more exposure for the vehicle and seeing how Twilight is such a popular movie series, they know that the movies are viewed by millions of viewers and could therefore make the audience interested in the car if it is used by such popular actors in such a highly regarded film. The use of Apple in this film presents a little bit more of an argument for the use of this product, however. Not only is the Apple “Macbook” product used in this Twilight Eclipse movie, but it is used in the other Twilight films as well. The protagonist, Bella, plays the role of the girl who falls for the antagonist, Edward. Throughout the movies, there is a lot of narrating by Bella about how she feels during the film. In several scenes you can see her doing research on her “MacBook” or sending emails.  So I could see the argument for the use of this product being that the Apple MacBook laptop is the best technology for use of the internet and that since Bella is using it, we should be using this laptop as well.

Reasoning as to why the product Volvo may desire advertisement from this particular film is somewhat unclear. Volvo represents one of the safest, most reliable car brands. And with a movie that is basically about vampires who are considered dangerous and can run at a speed much faster than cars, I do not really understand why they would want to have vampires driving the Volvos. In the scene that I truly noticed the Volvo, the antagonistic character Edward, is speeding at a dangerous velocity around a winding road. So the safe Volvo driven dangerously contradicts its purpose. For Apple however, the most popular technology brand when it comes to computers, laptops, iPods, etc., I can understand why they would deserve the advertisement for this movie. In the scene where I can most clearly see the Apple MacBook product, Bella is doing research in a dark bedroom with the apple on the laptop being shown brightly. "But most placements really flatter the product.  In most, the product appears like the full moon, the label always facing the camera.”  The entire Twilight saga won several awards. The actors also won several awards and so did the directors. When a series as popular as this one is created, companies will no doubt, jump at the opportunity to get their products advertised in these movies. So it is easy to see where the credibility comes in to place. And when you combine the most popular technology brand with the most popular movie that is out, you are more than likely both in a win/win situation as far as both companies receiving a lot of revenue.  According to Martin J. Smith of the Orange County Register, product placement in movies does not usually work on an audience. In an article, Smith says, "The impact of product placements on film revenues is unclear. Most placement executives say they are negligible, adding that the agencies brokering the deals make most of the money".

I give the overall partnership for Volvo with Twilight a 1, because I do not feel like the movie did very much for their car in advertising why it is a good car for people to be interested in. And for Apple, I also give the partnership a 1 because I feel like Apple is a popular enough brand that even without the fifteen seconds of advertising they got in this film, they would still be able to have as many customers and make just as much money.


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