Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Horrible Bosses Ads

For this blog, I analyzed a couple scenes in the movie Horrible Bosses where they advertise certain products or companies. Advertising is extremely important in today's society. Its expanded form television commercials by going into movies. Image Based Culture says, "Our media are dominated by advertising images, public space has been taken over by "information" about products, and most of our sporting and cultural events are accompanied by the name of a corporate sponsor." In a scene where the three main characters were brought into the police station for suspicious reasons, the officers were questioning why they were driving so fast prior to pulling them over. When questioned they answered, "We were drag racing." The officer responded, "You were drag racing in a Prius?" This is an example of advertising in the movie. You could look at this ad in a negative and positive light. Looking at pathos, one may look at the character who drives the car and notice that he is a good looking guy, funny, and is a hard worker. This can also apply to ethos to show the character is a credible guy. But at the same time this guy could be looked at like a loser because he is getting screwed over by his boss. The fact that he has has an average joe job despite his hard work can make someone think, "He has an average job, therefore he drives an average car that isn't very fast and sleek." The movie kind of makes a joke toward the Prius saying it has no business drag racing another car.
Image Based Culture also says, "…advertising talks to us as individuals and addresses us about how we can become happy." With this being said, another scene shows one of the main characters bosses with an Ipad. Logically speaking, we can assume that this boss is a successful person because they are a dentist and we even see towards the end of the movie that she has a big house. Emotionally this may persuade the audience to get Ipads because a successful, rich person owns one. This also applies to ethos. The boss gives the Ipad credibility because she is a prestigious person. The only negative thing that relates to the Ipad in this movie is that this boss just so happens to be a crazy lady which could apply emotionally to the viewers saying that crazy people have Ipads. But I think this advertisement in the movie is mostly positive publicity. I rate this movie a 2 for incorporating ads into their movie, because some of them were pretty difficult and vague to catch but generally went well with the flow of the movie.

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