Thursday, January 22, 2015

Blog1- The wedding Ringer.

In movies industries, advertising for upcoming movies is mainly relying upon two things, first is the trailers and second is images and designs of posters to steal audience attentions while they are shopping. The movie poster has to give the audience a clue about the movie and trigger their curiosity. The poster of “The wedding ringer” had some credit in grabbing my attention. This report will discuss the posters layout, focus points, actors and delivering the right message of the movie.

            First of all, there is a picture of the main characters in the middle sitting on a long chair and an Asian man lying down on the floor. Obviously, the most famous actor who is starring this movie is Kevin Hart, he is standing behind the group. Kevin has started as a stand up comedian and released stand-up album. Besides, he took a role in a TV series named Undeclared. After that he played different roles in many movies such as Paper Soldiers, Scary Movie 3, Think like a man, Ride Along and About The Last Night. The designer of this poster wanted to focus more on Kevin so the audiences recognize him faster and want to watch the movie by placing him standing and opening his arms with a big smile on his face, while the others are sitting. It is also a smart way keep him standing since he is 5 ft. and 4 inches. Starting from the left, we see Josh Gad (Doug Harris) as the groom holding the dog and the bride Kaley Cuoco sitting beside him and both of them look upset and unhappy with their surrounding, which indicates that something went wrong in their wedding ceremony as the first time I saw the poster. That guess was right and the image delivered the right idea about their wedding. In addition, there are other four men from different ethnicity. Each of them has his own characters and style, and all of them are drunk. With bright red background we see in the top of the poster they wrote two other famous actors beside Kevin's name, Josh Gad and Kaley Cuoco to grab more attention to the movie since they played main roles. Also the bottom side is showing the release date, which is January 2015, with other actors and participated media distribution companies. The movie filmed in the one of most famous company around the world which is Sony studios and this ensure that the film will be in high quality.

            All in all, the poster design clearly conveys that the genre of this movie will be comedy by showing Kevin Hart smiling with group of drunk men around. Despite the presence of upset couple, the title of the movie has given a clue about what the story will be about. However, the trailer made it more obvious for me because by only seeing the poster I would not know about how Kevin's role related to the groom and his bride with the other drunk men. The movie poster had the credit in making me interested to watch the movie but it did not give the complete idea about the business that Kevin is doing in the movie.

Blog 1 - Miss Congeniality

Miss Congeniality is one of Sandra Bullock’s most popular comedies from the 00’s. The movie did well globally, with a world wide gross of $212.7 million dollars.  It also earned several awards and nominations, and is a favorite of many homes across the nation. The promotion for the film was done very well, according to the shattering the box office in it’s opening weekend.
            The poster you see above was the official poster advertisement for the 2000 film. Watching the film, I picked up on a lot of humor about the national pageant system and the women that participate in them. You can see from the dress, crown, and sash Bullock is wearing in the poster that this will be a theme. Also, judging by the gun, boots, and American flag, there will be a significant amount of action in the form of undercover secret agents in defense of the United States. It is clearly a comedic
The judging by the poster, the combination of pageant queen and federal agent would be comedic. The movie actually has many components of a romantic comedy, as Bullock’s character has a love interest plot line with Benjamin Bratt’s character of Eric Matthews. The subject matter, though, is clearly represented. The poster leaves a lot to the imagination, however. Gracie Hart, Bullock’s character, begins the film as an awkward and unattractive single woman who is in bad standing as an agent for the FBI. She is chosen for a specific mission involving the Miss United States pageant, because she is the only woman up for the job. She is given a make over and lessons on proper mannerisms. The woman on the poster is very different from the woman Gracie Hart really is. The poster really focuses on the Gracie while she’s undercover, instead of Gracie in her natural state. This is probably because the version of Gracie seen on the cover is more appealing to potential audiences.
Seeing as I’ve seen the movie, the poster really enticed me to see the movie. Personally, I am a fan of action movies, and FBI agents, American pride, and subjects of the like. To see them with a twist, adding the side of the pageant industry into the mix, was the selling point for me. And, of course, I am a big Sandra Bullock fan. Who isn’t, really?
I think the poster is a very good representation of the movie. The colors speak for them selves, as pink is considered by most as a “girly color”. Gracie’s facial expression is very commanding yet mischievous, giving a nod to the comedic crossover. The image on the poster is very prop heavy, and they are each representational of the film’s themes, while attracting potential audiences. The gun and badge, boots, and American flag show that the movie will dabble in the action genre at some point, which can also be a large selling point to any men on the fence about seeing this movie. The flag can strike a feeling of patriotism in any American, as it represents our freedom. The same goes for the pageant memorabilia. The flowers, for example, seem to represent Gracie’s apparent disinterest or higher care for her job as a federal agent, because they are not cared for, and several are on the floor. The choices of words on the poster are very simple. The four main actors are featured, intending to draw in any audience that is familiar with their work. The saying “Unpolished, Unkempt, Unleashed, Undercover” is a clever alliteration that seems to describe Gracie throughout the movie, and could possibly help anyone unfamiliar with the film to see it. The movie is rated PG-13, obviously targeting the teenage and adult audiences.

To conclude, I really recommend this movie to anyone who hasn’t seen it – it has a little something for everyone! It is a great film that combines two completely opposite professions, and somehow it works.

Blog 1 - She's the Man

            After learning different aspects needed to develop a strong movie poster, I further tested my knowledge by choosing a film, She’s the Man, and comparing it with its own poster.  Ethos, pathos, and logos were the main focus of study in this exercise. 
            The first item of ethos that stands out to me is the use of Amanda Bynes for the main character, Viola.  Bynes’ career as a comedic actress soared as the marketing team for the movie placed her in the center of the picture on the poster as well as setting her name apart from the other four main names listed.  The use of Amanda Bynes as a credible actor seems purposeful especially for the role in a comedy as such in She’s the Man.  Channing Tatum may also be a marketing ploy because of his popularity and star quality in different genres.  The plot thickens around the struggling relationship between Viola, Amanda Bynes, and Duke, Channing Tatum.  The movie presented by DreamWorks Films also builds credibility, as they are a big-name movie company. 
            Secondly, the pathos the movie poster creates revolves around curiosity and interest in what the story holds.  The tagline “Everybody has a secret…” captures the attention of the audience first.  The audience seeks information about the different secrets that are to unfold during the movie.  The designers use a playful and comedic font as well as utilizing the different and bold colors, black and red.  The faces of the characters also well present the main character traits of the different characters.  For example, Monique is fully engrossed in herself and her looks as she is throughout the movie, and Viola encases a mischievous look as she departs on a journey living the life of her brother, Sebastian, as well as herself, Viola, while making sure no one discovers her lies.  
            Finally, different aspects under logos can also be placed under the pathos category.  This particular movie poster utilizes logic and factual information more so than the other two categories of interest.  The poster has a shortened version of the different relationships that unfold and struggle throughout the movie as well as a picture reference of the main people in the confusion.  The picture of the characters lays out the shape of a pyramid of importance as well as next to the person or person’s that become connected in the movie.  In this, the poster is misleading because it does not mention Viola’s brother, Sebastian, but only mentions the character of Sebastian as Viola in disguise.  The main focus of the poster also misleads the audience to believe the plot revolves around the organization of the different relationships between the main characters although after viewing the film the main idea is noted more so as Viola’s passion for soccer and her journey to prove her skills as a player rather than the unleashing of the different relationships developed.

            The different features emphasized in ethos, pathos, and logos create a poster that entices different audiences to view the movie.  Although the genre of the film is comedy, She’s the man also utilizes romantic qualities to entice other audiences.  Marketing is successful in bringing the largest audiences through the use of a variety of techniques.
Pineapple Express is about a process server named Dale who witnesses a murder while delivering his papers. When Dale leaves the scene he tosses his roach out the window and calls his drug dealer. When Saul his drug dealer hears about this he freaks out and tells Dale to come over. They realize that that roach has been traced back to them and they pack up to run from the people who are now after them. 
The Movie poster does not seem to reveal much information about the movie, but it actually reveals quite a bit of information about this movie without giving away what happens in the movie. What really caught my eye when I look at the movie poster was the facial expressions on each of the characters faces. Saul the drug dealer looks very high and not worried about a thing, while the other two characters look like they are about to go into battle with their guns. 
The ethos and logos of the poster came from the words. The movie is related to another comedy in the tagline, “From the guys who brought you Superbad” this now tells the viewer that it is an action comedy. 
Under the Title it reads “put this in your pipe and smoke it” is a reference to smoking marijuana and if that wasn't enough to convince you it was about marijuana then the smoke they are walking out of should do the justice.

The names of the actors are also at the very top of the poster. Seth Rogan and James Franco both notorious for their incredibly comical films. Although these two actors are known for their films, this poster portrays they are the main characters which is not all true. Danny McBride, the actor on the left also plays a huge role in this film so the poster is misleading to who the main characters really are. The overall goal of the poster is to catch peoples attention and make them want to go see the movie, and I think this poster succeeds to do so within a range of ages. Not all people are going to want to watch a movie about drugs and violence especially if drugs are seen to be a good thing. But overall again I believe that this poster does a good job persuading people to see the film. With this poster having each the ethos, pathos, and logos factors the poster accomplished its purpose.
-Scott Fisher

Blog one: The Host

Blog One 
The movie The Host is mediocre when it comes to communicating the main idea of the film. It displays the emphasis on the main character Melanie, or otherwise known as Wanderer, as being the main character of the film. It also does appear to be somewhat sci-fi or futuristic in the genre, which is true.

It also displays the two boys in the background, making them appear to be main characters as well when they really are only involved in less than half of the film. There is also a romantic part of the film which is somewhat absent, or wrongfully displayed in the poster. The one soul is in love with the boy on the left but the other soul living in Melanie’s body is in love with the boy on the right. This is not displayed properly and it also is only apparent in less than half of the movie.

There also is no display of the other force that the humans are truly fighting which is a main part of the film. They completely left off the villain from the poster. This is very misleading because the white creatures that the humans are fighting are involved in every step of Melanie's journey. This could have strategically been done to attract both of the sexes. They have the action sort of appeal on the front as well as a somewhat pretty romance. This could be an attempt to draw both sexes to see the film. It also could be a draw into the mystery. The “beings” and “souls” are so new and unknown in this film. If they chose to leave out the main mystery then it can be a shock when it does appeal in the movie.

It does seem to display the dessert setting in the background which is only in half of the film.

The persuasive aspects of this poster are very apparent as it pertains to ethos, pathos and logos. In the aspect of pathos I analyzed multiple areas. For color, it shows a lot of the lighting on these three main character. But on the words the host there is the blue hue and circular glow around it which is foreshadowing to the eyes of the creatures. They also use the font of “The Host” to seem very streamline and clean as appeased to the dusty and dirty sweaty look of the characters. Facial expressions also target pathos because of how the boy on the left is longingly looking towards Melanie, the one he loves. Melanie is looking forward with strong eyes because she is prepared. The boy to the left has a different look towards because it is looking into the unknown. The tagline is the last target of the pathos because it says “choose to believe. choose to fight. choose to love”. This targets both male and female emotions and can relate to anyone in this sense.

For the aspect of ethos there were also many different facets. When it comes to ethos it is very apparent in this poster. At the very top it addresses the writer, who also wrote a very popular book series. This gives credibility and entices readers to trust the writer of the film because of her previous works. It also seen as it displays very boldly who the director is. However, I am not familiar with any of the actors. This is also an important part of the poster and plays off of the ethos aspect. When it comes to the information about the film such as the director, the writer, the actors and actress. It also is the release date that is at the very end of March of 2013 during a time of end of the world hype. It also pertains to the setting and background of the desert and dirt feel contrasting the dark and mysterious bottom.

This poster was somewhat successful in enticing me to see the movie. However, it was misleading in what the movie was completely about. I had already seen some trailers and even the trailers were misleading about the evil force.

Blog 1: Oculus

Oculus Movie Poster 

This poster compared to the other Oculus posters is the most misleading to the plot. This was done on purpose because the movie itself is about a mirror that kills and hinders everything in the environment surrounding it, a prop such as a mirror isn't quite as scary as hands being imbedded into the main characters face. This poster well depicts how scary the movie is. The marketing tactic used was to bring viewers in for it being a horror movie, not necessarily for the plot itself.
The Oculus movie poster uses pathos to bring in audiences that enjoy thrilling movies. The first thing that drew my attention was the girl on the front cover. Seeing the actual movie you’d know that she doesn't get attacked like that, nor does “the bad spirit” show itself in that form. Her eyes being covered bring a sense of fear, any of our senses being covered would scare us but not being able to see whats around us is something that could bring fear easily while looking at this poster. In small letters underneath her face it states “You see what it wants you to see”, and due to its color and size it could easily be missed. I believe the word placement and color was done on purpose because it introduces a major plot point to the people looking at the poster. The plot point in the movie about the mirror showing the characters what it wants to could be missed for half of the movie, but since the poster introduces it beforehand, people could go into the movie understanding what they're about to see and what the mirror is trying to accomplish throughout the film. Also the fact that it states “You see what it wants you to see” introduces an element of surprise of pathos since we are unaware of what it is, we are on edge for the unexpected throughout the whole movie. 
The ethos of this poster is expressed on the top where it directly quotes a critic from a Sci Fi Now Magazine saying “Nail-Biting, Mind-Bending and Very, Very Scary.” This shows to perspective audience members some credibility that Oculus is indeed scary because someone from Sci Fi Now Magazine said so themselves. Another indicator that showed ethos was that Oculus is produced by Warner Brothers. Warner Brothers is a known producer, therefor people who have liked their past work are more likely to see this movie.
Friday the thirteenth has always had superstitions about it. It’s eerie and dark because it’s a day that brings bad luck. Putting the date in bold on the bottom of the poster shows logos since it gives the audience information about when it will hit the theatre. But the date doesn't only form logos, in this case, it also shows pathos making the audience feel like its scarier because of the release date it is set on. It is often scary movies are set on Friday the thirteenth and thus definitely a marketing strategy. People are likely to go to the movies on Friday the thirteenth since it is a weekend and its a day that is supposed to be scary and often full of new releases. 

The Oculus movie poster shows all components of ethos, pathos and logos to attract audiences. While the poster doesn't reflect the movie well; it is a bit misleading to the plot, but still gets people wanting to see a good thriller.

A movie poster is the first impression, we as viewers, get about an upcoming movie. The movie, The Devil Wears Prada, has an interesting poster as it does not give much to any detail to the movie itself. Most posters show the main actors and actresses or a memorable scene. The Devil Wears Prada has none of these things.

            When first looking at the movie poster, it is hard to see anything but the shiny red pump with a devils trident as the heal. Without any prior knowledge about the film, this could be very confusing. Normally, any reference to the devil would be a clear indication that the film is in the horror genre. In contrast, a shiny red pump would be associated with women’s fashion and probably some type of chick flick. These two factors create a very fascinating and different image that does not give a clear idea of what this movie will actually be about.
            The title also creates an area of mystery about the movie. While the devil trident only references a devil theme, the word devil is in the actual tile. To perfectly reference the shoe and the devil, The Devil Wears Prada title effortlessly brings together both the fashion and devilish allusion. While the shoe and title go hand in hand, it does not bring the audience any closer to finding out the true plot of the movie. From these two very unlike ideas, the movie could be anywhere in the genre of chick flicks to horror and maybe somewhere in between.

            One of the main references that could give viewers an idea that this movie is fact is not a horror film is the name of the two main actresses, Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway. Meryl Streep is an extremely well known and well-respected actress. Her movies typically range from dramas, to romance, to romantic comedy. Anne Hathaway, while not as famous as Streep, is also known to be in the same genre of movies. For two women, who are usually cast in a certain type of film, to be cast in a horror movie seems very unlikely. Having both Streep and Hathaway’s names on the poster, give the movie credibility, ethos. The name Streep alone would draw many women and men to this movie, even without deciphering the shoe, solely because they have enjoyed her movies before. It is also not necessary to show Streep’s picture. Most audiences will know exactly who Streep is just by seeing her name.   

            The bright color of the ruby red shoe against the white background also make the poster pop. Instantly, pathos is seen, as the rich color gives off a sensual and mysterious feel. Pared with the sassy, devilish font in which the poster reads, The Devil Wears Prada. Even with these emotions, the movie plot is still not transparent by the poster.

            Under the shoe, in small almost illegible font, is the information about the film. It was produced by 20th Century fox and rated PG-13. Both of these pieces of information give more insight into the movie itself. The rating shows that there are some segments not appropriate for children and young teenagers. Also, 20th Century Fox is a well-known and trusted film production firm, giving the movie more credibility. Both ethos and logos are shown in the bottom information.

            Overall, I do not think that the movie poster gave much insight to what the movie is really about. The Devil Wears Prada shows the struggle of making it in the fashion and journalism world while working under one of the most reputable and demanding bosses. While Streep’s character does represent the devil of the fashion world, the posters is very deceiving in its meaning.

-Taylor Dennis

Blog 1- The Interview

The Interview

Whenever we find ourselves in line at the movie theater, it is usually to buy a ticket for a movie that we are eager to see. There are many reasons why this movie may have stood out to us, enticing us to see it. Maybe it was the trailer, the actors in the movie, or, perhaps, the movie poster. A movie’s poster is definitely an important part in what convinces us to see a movie. We sometimes overlook the importance of this aspect in our subconscious mind. Movie posters contain ethos, logos, and pathos, which are all very important characteristics that make the poster what it is.
            Looking at the movie poster for the movie, The Interview, we can identify many important parts from top to bottom that catch our eyes. First we see the tag line at the very top of the poster. This suggests ethos because it gives the producers credit for not only this film, but two other very popular films as well. The pathos that is identified in the tag line is the humor we pick up when the producers refer to themselves as “western capitalist pigs.” This identifies a lighthearted attitude right from the start. What stand out the most in the poster are the pictures that are positioned front and center. Seeing the pictures of both Seth Rogan and James Franco side-by-side appeals to us because they are both very well known actors. Their names are also listed directly beneath, so this gives us the idea that they are probably the main characters in the film. They both have very determined looks on their faces, which makes them look like they are the “good guys” in this movie. This would be appealing to someone viewing the movie poster. In addition to the names and faces, another aspect of the poster that stands out is the words that are written in Korean. This gives us insight that Korea (or in this case North Korea) will most likely be a main part of the film. In addition, the face of the North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-un, is pictured in the middle of the bottom half of the movie poster, which leads us to believe that he also has an important role in the movie.

            If we look at what is going on the background of the poster, our eyes are drawn, first, to the Korean men at the top that have guns. These two mean also have angry facial expressions, which leads us to believe that they are the “bad guys” in this film. In addition, there are rockets coming from either side of the poster with something written in Korean on them. This gives us more insight that the Koreans are villainous in this movie. The poster as a whole has a “cartoonish” look to it, which represents humor and lightheartedness. The main colors being orange, red and yellow also give us an upbeat feeling because they are warm colors as opposed to dark or cold colors that have negative connotations. The title, “The Interview,” is misleading based on the poster. Usually when we think of an interview, we think of a very serious and important event. After watching the movie, we find out that this particular interview isn’t serious at all, but more of a fun and engaging interview. The star printed in the middle of the “R” does include some spunk in the way we read it. The majority of this poster gives off a fun and cheerful vibe, with the exception of some the background aspects. This movie poster as a whole represents the movie well.