Monday, June 16, 2014

The Hangover Part 2

For this particular blog, I chose to examine the movie The Hangover 2 since it was playing on TBS this afternoon. There were many special effects used in this movie. Many of the special effects consisted of scenes going in slow motion and lots of flashbacks of previous scenes. For example, the movie had a lot of situations where the characters remembered crucial information from the night before in order to figure out their next step. When this happened there was always lots of flashes of scenes with specific noises in the background to give the audience the feeling of a flashback. They would begin this scene by having the camera zoom into the characters face as they started to remember the night before then the following scenes would quickly go by in order to resemble a flashback. This really helped the audience hone into important information that was said throughout the movie, but they may not have caught onto until the creators of the movie showed the information in a flashback scenario. Also, when they were showing scenes from the "night before" all lot of them were shown in slow motion so the audience could get the full effect and see all the craziness that was happening around them. If they wouldn't have slowed down a lot of these scenes, the audience would not have gotten the full effect of what kind of a mess they got into. The slow motion also went very well with the party music that was playing throughout this part of the movie. Most of this movie is typically meant to be humorous but there are certain scenes that have some action. When these scenes come on, the cameras do a good job of adding loud sound effects and sometimes zooming in on someone's face when they are talking in order to enhance the seriousness. When there wasn't action being shown, the clips of scenes were typically more slow and were less likely to zoom in. When they did zoom in during humorous parts of the movie, it was typically when someone was about to say something really funny. This helps the audience direct their attention to a certain person so they can catch the humor. Overall, the use of camera angles and sound effects really helped the audience hone into the humor of the movie yet also enhance situations where there was more seriousness and action. I give the effects and camera use in this movie 3 stars because I think their use of these aspects were very effective.

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