Monday, June 16, 2014

How many superhero's does it take to save the world?

Special effects 15 years ago were based solely off of make-up and funny ideas for camera angles. These days a whole city such as New York can be demolished and terror be reined down upon it. The movie I have chosen to break down is The Avengers, with crazy special effects and a director who can pull them off spells for a wonderful film.
“The story is usually predictable, the acting bereft of nuance, the sentiments banal. But the special effects are impeccable.” (Understanding movies) This has been the thorn in the side of movies having grand special effects for a long time. They have never been good enough in the story line, had well enough acting, or stood up to movies with stunts performed by actual people. Having been a number of movies before this one break through that wall, I decided to use the one that took it to a whole other level to describe how special effects are here and not going anywhere. Director Joss Whedon and his cast full of shining stars break the non-ethos stereotype with actors such as; Robert Downy Jr., Chris Evans, Gwyneth Paltrow, Samuel L. Jackson, Scarlett Johansson, and many more agreeing that their talents were worth the time of a movie.
 Having for obvious reason decided that having an actual Iron Man suit that can fly around was rather impractical as well as having a man turn green and 4 times his actual size was a little whack. Joss was going to make it happen and even make you believe it. “Its what they do with the technology artistically that counts, not the technology per se.”(Understanding Movies) This film was either going to live by the special effects or it was going to die by the special effects, and the box office and logos say it lives. With a 200+ million dollar opening weekend the special effects of this movie came out on top. In a particular scene the Avengers are backed against the wall with little hope to remain. New York City was crumbling and the aliens from another dimension were storming through a warp hole and making life as we know it hell. The Avengers rise together and fight back using all of their skills; Iron Man with the skill of flight and fire power, Hulk is just being himself and “smashing”, Thor uses his God like powers to conduct lighting and push back the rebel alien forces back into the hole, while the others all use ground force to fight them head on. My point being is if Joss Whedon didn’t use his masterful skills as a director to artistically see this scene in his head and make it real life through CGI (computer generated imagines), we would never have seen such an incredible scene brought to life. He made dreams of little boys and girls, dare I even say parents come true.

            The day of special effects making movies cheesy and bad is slowly coming to an end. If this happened to be my letter to the Academy I have to say don’t stray away from movies such as The Avengers because of the CGI, it’s an art, and this movie shows of that art.

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