Thursday, April 11, 2013

West Seventh Movie Tavern

            Going to see a movie may be one of the most common and convenient activities amongst all age groups. Movie theatres have been around for many years and movie-going has remained a suitable activity for a wide variety of occasions ranging from birthday parties to first dates to a girls night out. Upon the decision to go see a movie for your daytime or evening activity, there a several considerations one must undergo. For starters, one must decide what movie they want to see, what time they want to go see the movie, how much money they want to spend on a ticket, and lastly what location/movie theatre they want to go to. While this is not true for movie-goers everywhere, those wanting to go see a new film in the city of Fort Worth have several location options to chose from. With so many different movie theatre options available, it is important that owners position their movie theatre favorably amongst the public and/or their target audience in order to convince people to see a movie at their location. Movie Tavern, located on West Seventh Street, is one theatre that does an excellent job creating an upscale ambiance with several unique amenities to enhance ethos, pathos, and logos in their strategies to encourage patrons to see a movie at their location.
            There is no denying that West Seventh Street is one of the most (if not the most) growing areas in Fort Worth in terms of popularity. There are several restaurants, bars, and shops in the area, which has made it a fun and trendy place that attracts a large number of people. The Movie Tavern is the only theatre in the near vicinity and it is placed in the middle of much of the activity that is taking place in the area. Its bright lights, high visibility, and sophisticated structure make it very appealing from the outside, which may attract new customers walking by. In addition, Movie Tavern has set itself apart from many other theaters in that it does not look like a tradition movie theatre. The inviting structure can affect the way customers feel about going to see a movie as their “event” for the night because it gives off the appearance that it is more than just any traditional old theatre. This is further supported once you enter the inside.

            While Movie Tavern is located in a busy area, its two entrances with two separate ticket counters along with the several movie-ticket kiosks make for a fast and easy ticket purchase with very little line/wait time. This aspect is very appealing to the fast passed, on-the-go generation that most often frequent in this area. In addition, there is a dining area and full stocked bar located in the lobby of the theatre. If individuals get to the theatre early in order to get tickets before they’re sold out, save good seats, or simply because it is a more convenient time because of where they are coming from, they have the option of getting something to drink (including alcoholic beverages for adults) or eat while they wait for the show. This is a logical appeal as it is a win-win for customers and the establishment because it is convenient and it generates more money for the business. This logical appeal is further extended by the fact that individuals can even order meals and drinks while in the actual movie. While the concept of dinner and a movie has been around for quite some time, the actual implementation of having both at once is not usually an option at most traditional theatres. According to Everything is an Argument, it is logical to implement something that is “common sense” (Lunsford 67). Since dinner and a movie is known to be the typical date night, it seems more than logical for one establishment to provide both at the same time. This Movie Tavern offers an extensive menu that offers a variety of food options ranging from the traditional items, such as popcorn and candy, to full course meals including appetizer, dinner, and dessert options. Furthermore, Movie Tavern makes getting food and drinks even more appealing by providing staff members to wait on you at your convenience through its strategy of using a small red light to signal you want their services. By doing this, individuals don’t have to worry about missing any important scenes of the movie they are there to see.

            While it is important to acknowledge the extra perks and amenities that Movie Tavern has to offer, it is even more essential to recognize the quality and efficiency of these services. Movie Tavern does an excellent job with their upkeep of each individual movie theatre as well as the lobby. It is both clean and tastefully decorated as it sets the mood for an evening out. In addition, the food offerings and drink choices have all been delicious in my opinion thus far, which credits their slogan that reads, “movies never tasted so good”. All of this appeals to ethos as it allows customers to trust that they are in a place of quality. In addition, the fact that Movie Tavern is a successful chain makes it even more reputable. The name Movie Tavern suggests that you are going to get more than just a movie when you visit the establishment, which is true. According to Lunsford, one can “create ethos in at least two ways-through the reputation they bring to the table and through the language, evidence, and images they use” (52). Movie Tavern has remained a successful chain that continues to grow and fill its seats because of the quality service they provide, making it a credible establishment.
            Lastly, the customer service at Movie Tavern is also superb and the kind staff contributed to my overall good experience. Each staff member that I interacted with during my time at Movie Tavern was energetic, polite, and helpful which only made me want to visit this location again. The friendly staff appealed to pathos because people like to feel they are welcomed into a friendly environment and it is clear that this is a top priority at Movie Tavern. While the movie that I decided to see, Spring Breakers, was not my favorite, I ended up having a great experience due to the atmosphere and amenities provided at Movie Tavern on West Seventh. 

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