Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Starplex Hulen Stadium 10: Individual Underdog
    As far a movie theaters go, Starplex Stadium 10 does not rate very highly on a scale of cleanliness or classiness. You cannot order food off a menu and get served during the film. You have to adjust to the peculiar stale popcorn smell. And at late night movies, you have to get pass the “mad scientist” ticket taker. However, all of these things contribute to the appeals of Starplex, and people attend the theater. Starplex markets to people who want to come to the movie theater just to see the movie without having to empty their wallets using logos, ethos, and pathos. 
     Personally, when I first found Starplex I was suspicious and a little taken back. It is not the best looking theater around, but it was conveniently located. Also once I saw that I, as a student, can purchase a movie ticket for five dollars and fifty cents, any time of day, I was hooked. Offering greatly discounted movie tickets to students is pure logic. If I could I would go watch movies there all the time because tickets are only five dollars and fifty cents. Who does not love a good deal? Also their highest priced ticket is ten dollars for adults after six p.m. for a 3D film. You cannot see a 3D film for ten dollars at any other theater because that is how much you pay to see a film in most other theater chains. People appreciate a movie theater that is not overtly trying to rob the money out of your wallet. In the picture, you can see all of the ticket prices if you do not believe me. Logically, Starplex is the movie theater to go to for cheap tickets.
    Again, Starplex emits a certain questionable vibe, but that is what gives it character. Like many theaters, you purchase your tickets outside and go on into the building. Most of the times I have gone, an older man with crazy gray hair tears the tickets and directs you to the correct theater. His presence adds to the persona of the theater. As an eccentric theater, I noticed the floor cannot make up its mind. It changes from brick to carpet to linoleum. Starplex is filled with character from its people to the way it was designed. Another interesting design in Starplex is that most of the theaters have three sections of seats split vertically instead of just one big section. They put in an effort to force people to act ethically by not having to pass by people to get to the aisle. People who leave during the middle of a film do not have to interrupt the whole aisle. The aisles are more conveniently located for easy access and less interruptions. Another ethical aspect that is they do not allow cell phone use during the film, like all theaters. It is nice to know that they want you to have the full film experience with no rude interruptions. As Lunsford writes in Everything’s an Argument, “Ethos creates quick and sometimes almost irresistible connections” (Lunsford 44), and Starplex does this by its unconventional personality and enforcing movie etiquette.
     The other reason I like going to the Starplex, besides the cheap ticket prices, is because it reminds me of my hometown of Albuquerque. Maybe it is the other movie-goers or the stale popcorn smell. The emotions evoked from being reminded of home make me comfortable. I feel that most people are not reminded of home when they go to Starplex to see a movie. Instead, they could feel like they saved money which gives them a sense of satisfaction. They could feel that the theater was untasteful by the way the concession is set up or feel like they have to buy something for the concessions since it is the first thing you see when you walk in. People could even feel insecure, because they are not used to attending that theater. Going to an unfamiliar place for the first time always makes people feel wary and uncertain of their surroundings. The Starplex is located in a strip mall area which could give people a wary vibe too. While other people may feel that Starplex is not the prime movie-viewing theater, I like feeling the satisfaction of saving money and the comforting sense of home.
     Starplex has its quirks and peculiarities, but that what makes it special. Differentiation and individualism are part of a good business. Also the placement of the business, close to a college campus, is a good marketing strategy. Some people disregard Starplex for its mediocre style, but as Giannetti in Understanding Movies points out, “Underdogs almost automatically win us over to their side” (Giannetti 406). That is the case for Starplex. It is the underdog of movie theaters. As the underdog, once people see the logic of cheap ticket prices, the convenience of more aisles, and the character of the building itself, Starplex will win the hearts of college students and people everywhere. I mean five fifty for a movie ticket; what’s not to love? I give Starplex 2 out of 3 tickets for pure authenticity.

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