Thursday, April 11, 2013

Ridgemar Movie Tavern

Oh how going to the movies has changed through the years. I always think of the scene from Annie and how it was such a big deal to go to see a movie. Sorry for getting “Let’s Go to the Movies” stuck in your head. Now, we have the option of 3D movies or even to eat a meal while we watch the big screen.  This only makes me wonder what will we do next? I used to think going to the drive-ins was cool… There are so many different movie theaters, each one claiming to be better than the rest. But what really makes them “better”. The popcorn? The comfy seats? The staff?
I went to the Ridgemar Movie Tavern. I wasn't too familiar with the Movie Taverns before coming to school in Texas. I’ve never heard of anything like them in California. Boy am I glad I discovered them. I mean, what’s better than being able to eat a meal while enjoying a movie. The movie taverns have combined the perfect date night of dinner and a movie. Right upon entering the Ridgemar Movie Tavern there is a huge snack counter with every kind of movie treat you could imagine. Do we need more food? I guess if you aren’t a fan of the meal deal, you can get your “normal” movie treats here. I think this really enhanced the ethos aspect of the theater. Along with the very friendly and helpful staff. They were very gracious to let us take pictures of whatever we needed.
Once we entered our theater, I was pleasantly surprised by the leather seats. I think it unusually to see such nice seating in a theater. The leather was a lot nicer than the weird velvet material that' usually covers theater seats. Those usually feel dirty and sticky, while these leather seats made me feel very comfortable. The theater overall was very clean and the rows were spacious. This was all very logical. I hate having to squeeze past others to get to my seat. There was plenty of room on the counters/tables for food as well.

As for pathos, there were many elements that contributed to this theater appealing to my emotions. The theater was very clean. For an OCD clean freak like myself, this was very comforting. Nothing is worse than walking into a theater, having just paid to see a movie, and seeing popcorn on the floor and something sticky in the cup holder. Nothing worse. Molly and I both agreed that the lighting was very calming in the theater. It was the perfect “dim”. Giannetti says, “color tends to be a subconscious element” (Giannetti 22). But with the dim lighting I seemed to notice the colors in the theater more including the black leather seats.
I fully enjoyed the Ridgemar movie theater. Its combined elements of ethos, pathos, and logos, helped me truly enjoy my experience. I would definitely go back again! I would give the theater 3 tickets.

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