Thursday, April 11, 2013

West 7th Movie Tavern

            I’ve been to a number of movie theaters, but the Movie Tavern on West 7th has become one of my favorite theaters to go to. Movie Tavern proved to me that it’s not like any other ordinary movie theater. What sets them apart from others is they make the movie going experience unparalleled. Movie Tavern succeeds at providing pleasure beyond measure.
            When you enter the Movie Tavern on West 7th, you have to escalate up 3 stories to actually get to the movie theater, but along the way you gradually build a momentum of excitement. As you ride the escalator, each floor has movie posters and cut offs not only of upcoming blockbusters but also cinematic classics. For instance, along side the 2nd floor wall is a ginormous movie poster of the 1933 classic King Kong. As you keep going up the escalators, you’ll finally arrive at your destination on the 3rd floor. As you look around the theater, you'll notice that the lobby is decorated with movie memorabilia along its walls. The pathos of memorabilia is build excitement for your movie outing. As you look at the posters of movies or memorabilia from upcoming movies and cinematic classics, you can just feel the excitement of being part of cinematic history as well. I remember last year, my friends I went to the midnight premiere of The Avengers at the West 7th Movie Tavern, and I personally built a huge amount of excitement for the movie just from seeing the long line for the movie, the large amount of people bunched in the lobby and all the memorabilia for the upcoming summer season. On that particular night I couldn’t help but notice the vast demographics that Movie Tavern is able to attract.
             Aside from the big attention getters Movie Tavern has outside of its establishment, a luminous sign, classic movie posters, and the bold statement “Movies Never Tasted So Good”, the one thing that others overlook when comparing other theaters is that Movie Tavern is extremely clean. The lobby, the bathrooms and each of the screening rooms are held to high standards of hygiene and cleanliness. This high standard of maintenance sends the ethos that Movie Tavern has great pride for its theater and preaches the ideology that the best movie environment is a well-kept one. In Understanding Movies, Louis Giannetti writes, “Ideology is usually defined as a body of ideas reflecting the social needs and aspirations of an individual, group, class or culture…but it can also mean a set of values that are implicit in any human experience…” (403). They know it’s not only for good business, but also for the movie going experience. Whether it’s a family outing, a date or guys or girls’ night out, you’ll be able to enjoy your night without having those awkward moments of gum on your seat, thrown food on the screening room floor, or disgusting bathrooms. For Movie Tavern, a clean theater isn’t just to satisfy moviegoers, it’s also a matter of dignity.
Even if the movie you see is great, you can still have a bad movie experience if the surrounding environment is uncomfortable or not satisfying. However, Movie Tavern does everything in the moviegoers’ best interests to ensure a movie experience as great as the movie itself. Once you step inside the screening room for your movie, you’ll notice that the theater modeled the room to satisfy the comfort of moviegoers. The place where you seat yourself isn’t like the typical theater chair. Instead of the usual 90-degree angle chairs with the rug like cushions you’ll find in a majority of theaters, Movie Tavern provides plush, leather, inclined seats with a gratuitous amount of space. The logos of the chair is to give off a sense of relaxation. According to Andrea Lunsford’s Everything’s an Argument, “We admire those whose logic is, like Spock’s, impeccable…” (55). Logically, you’re if going to sit and watch a movie that lasts 2 to 3 hours, chances that you’re going to want to sit in the most comfortable chair and position possible.
To accommodate each seat, there’s an attached stand for eating lunch, dinner, dessert, or even a bucket of popcorn during your movie. Movie Tavern doesn’t have a concession stand like most movie theaters, instead they give you a menu with a variety of foods when you’re about to go to your movie. Logically, no one is going to want to leave during the middle of the trailers or their movie to get a refill or something to munch on. Movie Tavern best exemplifies customer service with the food service they provide. With literally just the push of a red button on your stand, servers will be there at your request to accommodate you with anything you want, without you having to leave your seat.
Movie Tavern provides everything that best fits the interests of the moviegoer. This loyalty is just so unparalleled that it’s unfair to compare other theaters to Movie Tavern. Movie Tavern does everything to ensure excitement, comfort and relaxation for its customers. After a one night outing to Movie Tavern, it will be of no surprise if you find yourself wanting to go again. 

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