Wednesday, April 10, 2013

West 7th Movie Tavern

            There are many different decisions that go into planning a trip to the movies. What movie is it that you want to see? What time do you want to go see the film? Perhaps the most important decision that has to be made is which theater are you going to see the show.  This choice can either greatly enhance or deteriorate your movie going experience.  Some theaters are known for sticky floors, dirty aisles, and other negative attributes that bother the movie’s audience. 7th street Movie Tavern, however, makes a highly convincing argument that they have created the perfect environment for audiences to see their desired films.
            For years, the recipe of the perfect date night or family outing has included going to dinner and a movie. The 7th street Movie Tavern has made it so that people can experience both of these in one location. What sets Movie Taverns apart from other theaters is that customers have the ability to enjoy a full meal while watching their film because the theater is also a restaurant.  Movie Tavern has positioned itself as the reasonable choice for many to see a movie.  It is causing customers to use their reasoning skills which is an effective way to substantiate their argument that people should choose their theater (Lunsford 67). The multitude of moviegoers who plan on a dinner and show will see Movie Tavern as the logical choice to see a film. They can conveniently do both these activities in one location.  Some believe that the point of having a meal before a movie is to be able to have a conversation with those you are with. When you combine watching a movie while eating a meal, it eliminates the opportunity for others to spend time chatting with one another.  While this is a valid point, Movie Tavern provides a seating area and bar where people can enjoy a meal before or after their feature.  Movie Tavern has taken the meal and movie concept and created a central location to experience both.  As their slogan says, “Movies never tasted this good” (
            The location of this theater could not be more ideal. It is located on West 7th street in Fort Worth. This area of town is quickly becoming one of the hottest spots for nightlife in the city. It is an area that first pops into people’s mind when they think of entertainment in Fort Worth. West 7th Street is full of retail shops, dessert providers, and clubs. Having the theater in this part of town helps make it a credible option for those looking for a night out on the town. It is also located next to numerous quality restaurants. This is important because if some moviegoers do not want eat the food provided by Movie Tavern, it will still be the theater closest to where many customers will choose to eat.  West 7th Street is a place full of foot traffic and recognized as a prime area of town to go when looking for a good time. This Movie Tavern’s location adds credibility to the theaters argument that they are a great choice for those searching for entertainment.
            The United States has seen going to the movies as one of its great past times. Audiences have been flocking to see films for many years. On the walls of the West 7th Street Movie Tavern, are numerous posters of classic movies from the past. As you go up the escalator to reach the location of the theater, a customer passes pictures of the Marx brothers, a whole wall depicting King Kong on a skyscraper, and other vintage posters. Seeing these depictions not only allows people to appreciate the film industry’s history, but it also can stir the emotions in a person. It can cause people to reflect and remember all the journeys films have taken them on over the years. As audience members they have been taken on epic adventures, enjoyed laughing through the entirety of a comedy, and had their hearts break through gripping dramas. Seeing past stars such as the Marx brothers can cause them to think of the movie stars that have helped shape their  “fashions, values, and public behaviors” (Giannetti 251).  These reflections caused by these posters can build a feeling of excitement about the film that they are going to see because they remind the people of the great experiences film has given them over the years. West 7th Street Movie Tavern uses the posters to emotionally pull prospective customers into their theater.
            The West 7th Street Movie Tavern has marketed itself as a premiere theater to watch a movie. It appeals to its customer’s logos, ethos, and pathos, to argue it is the location moviegoers can have the ultimate experience. I believe through also being a restaurant, having a prime location, and displaying vintage movie posters West 7th Movie Tavern has effectively conveyed this argument. I give it 3 out of 3 stars for its success in marketing itself as a top-of-the-line theater. 

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