Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hulen Movie Tavern

When it comes to a 5-star movie-going experience, the Movie Tavern has it down to a science. If you aren’t familiar with this company, a visit to their website will be sure to entice – “Dallas-based Movie Tavern is the premier in-cinema dining experience, with 131 all-digital screens at 16 locations in seven states. We offer an in-theatre dining experience featuring first-run movies combined with a wide range of chef prepared menu selections.” Going to the movies has been a beloved activity for a vast majority of people all over the country. Movie Tavern has taken this concept and escalated it to a whole new level – presenting the public with an idea that we didn’t even know we craved.
The most prominent strategy used by Movie Tavern to obtain customers is obviously their presentation of an all-inclusive spin on the ‘dinner and a movie’ notion. They make you question why you would ever go to a boring old theatre that just serves popcorn and candy, when you can venture to Movie Tavern and have a luxurious movie night complete with cocktails, chef prepared dinners brought directly to your seat and a waiter that will come running at the push of a button. It’s a rather genius strategy.
The Movie Tavern location I visited was smartly located next to the Hulen Mall – sure to draw in crowds of people who want to relax after a long day of shopping. A very logical and sound choice made by the company.
Upon arriving at the Hulen Movie Tavern, I noticed the prominent ‘Movies Never Tasted So Good!’ slogan that they are so well known for, along with captivating large posters of movies that sparked my interest. These characteristics both correlate directly to the ethos that the Movie Tavern brand carries, since they are known for always featuring the most current films and delicious food once you venture inside. According to Lunsford, “Credibility speaks to honesty, respect for an audience and its values, and plain old likeability” (59). By always providing these elements and staying true to their word, the brand has earned a solid notion of credibility among customers all over the country.
As I entered the lobby, I instantly noticed that this theatre was very unique. There were lavish decorations all around, smiling employees at the ticket counter, and an alluring restaurant with a bar directly ahead. Appealing to all factors of my pathos, I knew that this had been the right choice for my movie viewing experience. Lunsford states that, “We all make decisions – even important ones – based on our feelings” (38). Movie Tavern has worked hard to put the customer first by successfully identifying with these emotional appeals in a different way than most other movie theatres have been able to achieve. Resulting in a loyal and appreciative customer base.

After acquiring my ticket, I waited in line to enter the actual theatre portion of the building and proceeded to receive an extensive menu along with directions to my specific theatre from a helpful employee. To my delight, the film happened to be playing in the largest theatre they had – giving me the option to pick from a wide range of seat choices. This specific theatre was designed according to the stadium style seating method (like most other theatres in the country), proving that Movie Tavern made it a priority to be both logical and efficient when designing the layout.

Settling on a seat towards the back, I was quite impressed to notice the plush leather seats and convenient table and cup holder attached to the chair. Throughout the film, I had a very pleasant waiter who excelled at both customer service and my pathos radar.

After experiencing Movie Tavern for myself, I can whole-heartedly understand and appreciate their attention to detail and constant drive to always put the customer first. It is such a noticeable difference when a business creates an atmosphere that is based solely around the customer’s interest and the goal of providing an experience unlike any other. I absolutely loved my experience at the Hulen Movie Tavern and will be recommending it to all my friends.
I’ve included this short video clip that ties directly into the ethos of the Movie Tavern brand and the pathos of the potential customer.

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