Thursday, April 11, 2013

Cinemark Lewisville 8

For my movie theater assignment, I had to chose the worst theater I have ever been to…simply because it is just more fun that way. Also, I find myself going back to this theater all the time, so it is definitely worth analyzing. There is just something that keeps me coming back!!

My theater is Cinemark Lewisville 8 in Lewisville, Texas. It is the local dollar theater.

Ethos: The ethos argument simply comes in the fact that it is a Cinemark theater. Cinemark is very well known in the theater business, they own lots of theaters across the country. Naturally, moviegoers are drawn to Cinemark because it has become a credible brand. On the other hand, Lewisville is not a very credible town. People that live in the cities surrounding Lewisville know it for lower income families, higher crime rate, among other not so great things. This is one ethical reason that keeps people from going to Lewisville 8. Some people do not feel as safe at this particular Cinemark, especially at night. Lastly, this Cinemark is located approximately half a mile from another Cinemark, Cinemark 15 Vista Ridge. While this is not a dollar theater, it does attract a lot of customers away from the dollar theater. Vista Ridge tends to keep films a little but longer, almost at an overlap with the dollar theater, so patrons are more likely to go to Vista Ridge instead of the dollar theater because it is a nicer theater in a nicer area. Also, Vista Ridge includes advertisements for events they put on, as well as commercials before the feature film for their establishment. The dollar theater does not include any kind of advertising. Below I have included pictures of the fronts of both of the theaters, which I think is very representative of the area in which they are located.


Vista Ridge

Logos: The logos simply comes in the monetary aspects of the theater. Logically, it is appealing because it costs $1.50 to go to a movie there. Who would pass this up!? Especially with movie ticket prices pushing $11 and $12…RIDICULOUS!!!! Although you have to wait a little longer to see a film, saving $10 is definitely worth it to me, so logically, this theater is appealing. The one drawback is that the concession prices go up a little, but it is still cheaper to go to the dollar theater than the regular theater. Another logos argument is the placement of the theater. The theater is placed in Lewisville, Texas, which is a lower average income city than the surrounding cities. Because of this, the theater gets a lot more traffic because people can afford to go to the movies more often. Lastly, on top of the cheap prices, the theater offers ½ off on Tuesday, which is another example of its logical appeal. More people are drawn to the theater because they can see a film for 75 cents, which is unheard of!


Pathos: The pathos comes from the look of the theater, inside and out, and the feeling it gives you as you approach, as well as during your time inside the theater. In approaching the theater, a little bit of a bad feeling may surface because it is in a busy part of town, but sort of tucked away behind a shopping center, giving it a seedy vibe. This continues with the people that are seen going in and out of the theater. It is mostly high school students looking to get away from their parents, and kids from the area, which like I said is not so great. Once inside, one might smell a distinct scent that is reminiscent of mold or basically just “oldness”. The concession stand lies straight ahead. It is very old school, but pretty clean and neat, which gives the customer a good feeling. It is pictured below. The service is also fast, which makes the customer feel even better. Once getting your snacks and going past the ticket tearer, it is time to enter the theater!! But you better get there before the lights go dim, or you WILL NOT be able to see inside the theater. It is so dark in there; it almost gives customers a creepy feeling. I get scared! You literally cannot see your hand in front of your face. If you could, you would see that the walls are covered in very old fabric, and there are lots of holes because the theater is so old. Next, you take your seat. Don’t forget to sit towards the front because it is NOT stadium seating, the theater is barely raked! The seats are almost on a flat surface, so seeing from the back is next to impossible. Also, don’t wear clothing that allows your skin to touch the seats because the fabric the seats are made of is so itchy. I was not allowed to take pictures inside the theater, but I found a picture online that is almost identical, and I included it below. Once you have chosen your seat, don’t get up!! 3 reasons: the seats are so low to the ground, it’s hard to get out of them, it is so dark in there, you won’t be able to find your way back, and the seats are sooooo squeaky, it’s distracting! All of these things together, do not give the customer a very inviting experience. Customers might even be a little repulsed by the inside of the theater…I think that’s why they make it so dark in there! The only redeeming quality about the experience at the dollar theater is that the employees are sooo nice. They are courteous, prompt, and helpful, which is what keeps someone like me coming back!! (Beside the prices of course).



Overall, this theater deserves one ticket! It should get no tickets, but the friendly employees and cheap prices keep me coming back!!

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