Thursday, April 11, 2013

Rave Motion Pictures at Ridgmar

              I think I speak for almost everyone when I say that a movie theater can make or break my movie-viewing experience. From the moment you start to approach the theater and see all of the “coming soon” posters illuminated, a vibe is set. Despite being set in a shopping mall, the Rave Motion Pictures Theater at Ridgmar still manages to do a great job setting the right mood for me to see a movie, and then manages to make the experience thoroughly enjoyable in every way. And seeing as "we all make decisions based on our feelings," I knew I was in for a treat (Lunsford, 30).
               From the second I get out of my car every time I go here, I am excited. The giant “Rave Motion Pictures” sign just gets me pumped - Especially the “raveXtreme” part. The theater does a great job of employing ethos here by stamping it with the “raveXtreme” stamp, because that means it is home to the larger, higher quality theaters with bigger screens and more speakers. Also, bigger makes the mind think better, so waita employ that logos too Rave!

               Once I reach the inside of the mall, I forget I am in a mall. Since it is put in the corner, there is only one hallway that leads to the actual mall which I do not even notice because of the huge presentation thrown in my face (I am not complaining). The huge “R” helps to establish the brand of Rave, so once again, you know what you are getting. The theme of everything being huge continues, and now neon lights are thrown into the mix, making me feel more and more excited (pathos). It also establishes itself as a movie theatre, with lots of “coming soon” posters. Time to buy my ticket.

An abandoned counter in the back

               After buying my ticket for Jurassic Park 3D, I head inside and am immediately greeted by the manager with a huge smile. Good move Mr. Manager. I feel very welcome via his hospitality (pathos). I was a bit too excited to see the movie (really I was 20 minutes late, but it was empty so its okay) to snap a picture of the snack counter, but it was the epitome of rhetorical devices (stupid me). In bright lights and vivid pictures raised behind the counter were all of the snack selections. They had all the staples, from popcorn, to hot dogs, to nachos (establishing trust via logos. If they didn't have these things I would be concerned). The smell was heavenly, and I was starving. All the different candies were laid out and illuminated in front of me as well. I decided to settle with some popcorn, because they have all those seasonings for free for them here. I chose to mix white cheddar and ranch.

               After getting my popcorn, I rush to my seat. Luckily, despite being almost 30 minutes late, I have only missed about five minutes of the movie (thank you previews). They have put this movie in their largest, nicest, “raveXtreme” theatre, as denoted above the door to get inside. They are really pushing the ethos here, and it is working. When I sit down, I let out a sigh of pure ecstasy due to the plush, reclining leather seats. I could sit in one of these things all day. Great job making me feel comfortable (pathos). I was immediately immersed in the film. The speakers made me feel like I was actually in Jurassic Park, and at times that the T-Rex was right next to me or behind me. The theatre has stadium seating which makes pretty much any seat in the house a good one, and once again, makes me feel more comfortable, as I don’t have to strain my eyes. The theatre is decorated simply, and tastefully, so as not to distract the viewer either. Once the movie ends, I head out, though it is hard to get up from the comfortable seat.

               Upon exiting the theatre, I notice large cutouts that I had not before in my rush. Major ethos is being applied here, with movie stars like Will Smith looking at you larger than life. Once I exit the rows of theatres I make it back into the lobby. My friend and I are lured over to the arcade on the way out (intentional placement?) by all of its bells and whistles. We feel like kids again and have to play (pathos). We play a few games, and then leave.
               Overall, I must say I thoroughly enjoyed my experience. From the happy staff, to the spotless facilities and the beautiful lights in your face in the lobby, this place does everything it can to put you in the movie watching mood. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants a premium cinematic experience in Fort Worth. So, I am definitely giving this three out of three tickets for its awesomeness.

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