Thursday, March 19, 2015

Theo James Interview

Theo James Interview Review

            Theo James, age 30, has recently come onto the scene for his role as “Four” in the new movie series Divergent. In the movie, Theo plays a mysterious character that ends up being one of the main protagonists. He, along side of Tris, stand up against an oppressive nation. The characters in the movie have somewhat of a love interest and therefore I desired to dig a little bit and see if I could find out if the media would be swaying people’s opinions in order to boost popularity for the series. What I found was to be expected.
            In the Interview I posted below, we see Theo alongside his costar in what seems to be a normal interview of how they perceived the movie and what their opinions were. As expected however, the media analyzes the interview and adds their own perspective to it in order to add some sort of publicity. The interview itself was interesting enough. The interviewer asked Theo some basic questions about some of his favorite lines in the film and what he enjoyed most about playing Four in the movie.
            The main idea of this interview was to show how normal these actors were. Theo seemed to play a badass and mysteriously quiet young adult male in the film but watching the Interview I saw something different. Theo James is a normal man just like any of us. He laughed at his bad jokes, he teased his co-star and was also surprisingly light hearted/easily distracted. The interviewer really didn’t have much effect on guiding the interview. With questions simply about how they felt about the film and how they could relate to it, the interviewer seemed as if she was willing to let the actors take charge.
            Even though no really strong message was trying to be portrayed, the media was able to decipher what they thought to be some sort of love interest between the two. Many claims to the two flirting with each other have risen. I will say I must give those claims some credit but I honestly believe it is all a publicity stunt. When two actors have love interests in real life as well in films, it draws the public’s interest and therefore draws attention to the film. If there was any underlying message it would be that they were at the beginning stages of liking each other.

            Overall, I liked the interview for how normal it made the celebrities appear. Where celebrities often get talked about to a point where they seem fake, this interview did a great job at showing the public just how normal these celebrities seem.

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