Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Blog 3 - Interview with Bradley Cooper - Michael Barale

Bradley Cooper, 'American Sniper' Widow Join Forces To Tell Story | TODAY –

In this interview where Bradley Cooper discusses playing the roll of Chris Kyle in the movie American Sniper, I believe that Cooper was attempting to relay his gratitude for Chris Kyle and all other military members, rather than simply promote the movie to the public. Throughout viewing the interview, audiences can tell how Bradley Cooper actually feels about playing the role of the American hero, Chris Kyle. Cooper speaks in a sincere and thankful manner throughout the entire interview, relaying his true feelings and emotions of appreciation and gratefulness for the military. Personally, I noticed Cooper “choking up” at certain times when talking about Kyle, his life, and his story. Furthermore, Cooper’s true emotions are visible to viewers, especially when the interviewer brings up how military members gave him a standing ovation after watching the movie, as well as hearing Taya Kyle, Chris’s widow wife, thank him for portraying her late husband in such a genuine way. Cooper expresses how he should not be the one receiving all of the attention and applause for his acting in the movie, but rather the soldiers themselves being deserving of this support and courtesy for protecting our rights as United States citizens and our country that we love so much. Noticeable throughout the entire interview, Bradley Cooper truly speaks his mind in a sincere fashion and relays how he honestly feels. This interview also made me aware of the fact that actors, such as Bradley Cooper, do not always accept roles only for personal gains, such as media attention, awards, and money. Moreover, they take on certain roles to make viewers aware of situations and incidents that extraordinary individuals experience in their own lives. Also, actors and actresses that play similar roles to Cooper’s would rather raise awareness for the need to support and care for these honorable humans after they overcome such extreme conditions than be acclaimed themselves. The interviewer asked relevant questions about the current situation at hand, attempting to delve deeper into Cooper’s feelings and emotional side, as well as help make others aware of the more sensitive side that all actors and actresses have. He utilizes other people, such as Kyle’s wife and other military members, to further the audience’s awareness of Cooper’s actual thoughts and feelings, as well as to aid Bradley Cooper in expressing his thought process behind taking on such an incredible role. Before viewing this interview, I respected Cooper mainly for his acting abilities. Not knowing much about his personal life, I only have been expose to Bradley Cooper through his movies and performances. After watching the interview, my respect has only grown for Cooper, mainly because of his ability to portray his true feelings about this situation. Any viewer can tell that he feels strongly about this issue and wants to help in any way possible, rather than simply promote his self-image. I have noticed these qualities in other actors and actresses that take on similar roles in their own motion pictures. I am inspired by their ability to set aside the personal gains that come with the successfulness of their movie and focus on the more important issue at hand. This gives me hope that Hollywood is not as corrupt as the media makes it out to be and that there are actors and actresses that care more about global, nationwide issues that simply the paycheck itself. I believe the main idea of the interview is that make the public aware of the fact that not all actors and actresses take on roles for personal gains solely, but rather to relay a personal side of another’s individuals life and raise awareness for the need to care and encourage them after overcoming extremely hard situations and experiences. Furthermore, the interview helps in relaying the key point that not all actors and actresses require so much attention for themselves, but rather the more important points of the movie that they act in.

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