Thursday, March 19, 2015

Interview with Miles Teller

Actors and actresses utilize interviews as opportunities to showcase certain sides of themselves. It gives them a chance to self-promote in a way. The interview becomes an environment in which actors can have control over what kind of image they are putting forth to the public. It is so often the case that stories and information about actors and actresses get skewed by gossip columns and magazines. Interviews let them put out what information they want. They get to show the audience how they would like to be perceived.
In an interview with Jimmy Fallon, Miles Teller promotes certain character traits and provides insight into part of his life outside of Hollywood. The interview plays off of his role as a son and grandson. Jimmy Fallon questions Teller about his mom and his grandma and Teller goes on to talk about his relationship with his grandma and how the women in his family are his biggest fans.
Another side of Miles that we see in this interview is his capacity for humor. He makes a number of lighthearted jokes during the interview. This also serves the purpose of advertising his abilities as a comedic actor which is useful during this interview because it was an interview for his movie That Awkward Moment, which is a romantic comedy. I have seen the movie That Awkward Moment, but before that I saw Miles Teller in The Spectacular Now. These two movies were very different, yet he does an excellent job in both roles, proving his diversity as an actor. The interview did not necessarily shape my perception of Miles Teller, but it reinforced the ideas I had about him. He just seemed like a cool, laid back, nice guy.
These characteristics are highlighted through his interactions with Jimmy Fallon as well as the audience. He pals around with Fallon and even jokes that his mom thought they would be good friends. He also makes a remark about working with Zac Efron and how he is used to the screaming girls going crazy for his co-star. All in all the interview represented Miles Teller as humble and lighthearted. He is painted as someone who would be fun to work with. The interview looked at both his personal life, showing his relationships with his mom and grandma, as well as his professional life. It even included a clip from That Awkward Moment.

Often times we forget that there is more to an interview that the words that are exchanged. Body language is equally as important in revealing information about the person being interviewed. One of the things I noticed about his body language during the interview was that he kept fidgeting slightly. This indicated to me that he was nervous. It wasn’t annoying fidgeting, but it was obvious. I thought this made it even more personal and endearing. Here you have this big shot actor, and he’s nervous to be interviewed by Jimmy Fallon. It was really cute and definitely played on the audience’s pathos, making  Miles Teller seem just  like any other normal person.

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