Thursday, March 19, 2015

Blog 3

Jonny Deep is one of my favorite actors. He play in so many different genres of movies and pull off any role. He is an incredible actor. Jimmy Kimmel in the interview even said I think you’ve made 15 movies since I last saw you. In the interview Jonny Deep seemed like an odd guy. He wasn’t a very smooth talker, He stuttered a lot and didn’t really know what to say. But Johnny deep has played some odd characters so I was kind of expecting him to be a little odd. What I never knew about him was that he sometimes listened to music as he acted. Which was interesting. But I have heard a little bit about Johnny Deep. My Aunt works in the movie industry, she handles the budget for movies and she has met many actors. She told me that Johnny Depp “was a sweet heart” So I have always thought of him being a nice guy. And in his interview he seemed like a nice genuine guy. He didn’t try to put on a mask on or be someone he wasn’t. I wasn’t quite sure how he wanted to be portrayed because he didn’t really try to come across as anything but himself. In an older interview with Oprah he seemed to be a smother speaker. And Oprah talked to him about His role in Pirates in the Carrabin. And how that the producers didn’t like him at first but it became a very popular movie. He then talked about how he made the Character Captian Jack Sparrow while sitting in a Sauna for an hour. Which is interesting. Oprah then asked him about him moving as a kid. He even said he lived in over 40 houses before he turned 16.  He then talked about how he got into the movie business.  He said that he was and unemployed musician and his friend at the time Nicholas cage suggested that he should meet his agent to become an actor. And at the time he didn’t even think of becoming an actor. This made him look like a he fell into acting as an accident. But he didn’t boast about it. And he seemed very humble. Oprah shaped the interview and talked very highly about him. She talked about how he was a great actor. She then whent on to show pictures of him and showed him as an attractive man. He then said he didn’t know what to think about being on the cover of a magazine being the sexiest man alive.  He though that it was absurd. He almost seemed embbarssed about being considered a a very attractive person. This made him come across as very humble but he seemed very genuine guy.  But he sounded very different in his interview in 20o4 then he did on Jimmy Kimml in 2015  The overall take away that I get from this is that Jonny Depp came across not like other actors who try to make themselves to make them self apper a certain way. He was a very humble guy.

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