Thursday, March 19, 2015

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Leonardo DiCaprio Interview 

In the interview I chose with Ellen DeGeneres and Leonardo DiCaprio, there are definitely messages given off to us as the audience and viewers. For example, Leo is portrayed as a very down to earth, adventurous, and even caring in the interview. He is able to talk about his successful acting career in a subtle way without putting himself in the spotlight. Along with giving compliments to both the audience members and Ellen DeGeneres herself, he didn’t come across as self-absorbed like many other actors and actresses can be. Because their lives are constantly exposed to the public eye through the media, this self-absorbed attitude is something that most likely comes along with being famous. It is easy for actors and actresses to fall into this stereotype. Leonardo’s portrayal is definitely the opposite of this, making him seem extremely down to earth. He also gives glimpses of risky situations that he has been in before, which portrayed him as an adventurous person. He can also be seen as brave from these experiences as well. In addition, he is also portrayed as caring because of his philanthropic and environmentalist work. Before watching this interview I figured that Leonardo DiCaprio was probably like most other actors in the self-absorbing way. After watching it, though, it was obvious that he has been able to overcome this shallow attitude that most actors and actresses possess. The way Ellen maneuvers the interview with Leo helps shape our perception of Leo as a well-rounded and successful person. It is evident that Ellen is a big fan of Leo’s from the way she talks about him in their interview. She brings up the story how they first met and says she knew he would be successful one day because he was so charming. Along with that, she even provides proof of his hard work by confirming his 3-movie streak that happened in only a year and a half. After asking him about the current “break” in his career, Ellen made a lighthearted joke, showing her support in his career choice. Throughout the entire interview she continues to compliment him on his successful performances in his various movies, calling one of the movie sequences in Wolf of Wall Street, “genius.” Ellen also brings up Leonardo’s environmentalist work, which is protecting sharks. By bringing this to our attention, it is makes it easier to respect Leo as an actor, producer, and passionate citizen. The main take away from this interview focuses on the many successes that Leonardo has had during his life. Not only in movies, but in other areas like volunteer work as well. I also think that we were meant to get a glimpse of the free spirit he possesses and the kind of person he really is. He doesn’t present himself in a way that puts him above anyone else, but rather equal to everyone. It is important to be aware of these characteristics in an actor or actress so that we can respect their hard work and dedication even more.

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