Thursday, March 19, 2015

Anna Kendrick 

Anna Kendrick likes to show her fans that she is a real person and doesn't have a facade. She speaks her mind in all her interviews and says whatever she thinks whether it is a little controversial or inappropriate and yet it is always widely accepted. She always manages to keep a professional appearance while making constant jokes and making everyone around her laugh. Anna Kendrick always likes to laugh at herself before anyone else can do it before her. She entered her  interview with Conan O’Brien on February 11th, talking about how she realized that her dress slit was a bit more revealing than she had thought. She and Conan laughed it off. I believe that her intention in her interviews is to be as open about herself as possible, and humorous while still self promoting. 
If all actresses were as open as she is, there wouldn't be so many false rumors about celebrities. Anna Kendrick makes herself an open book to show everyone that she's a real person and so people treat her as one. I always viewed Anna Kendrick as a respected person because of all the lead roles she's gotten and the lack of controversy in her name. A lot of actors and actresses who have the spot light on them as much as she does, tend to end up with negative publicity. She has managed to stay out of that part of celebrity culture. A lot of the characters she portrays are the awkward, nice, and quirky ones; that is a lot of how she acts in person and interviews. In interviews, she makes you feel like you’re talking to your best friend; she is very familiar with the audience and the interviewer. She tells people exactly what they want to hear about her life but sparing the details to protect her reputation and to keep herself marketable. 
The interviewer Conan O’ Brian likes to promote Anna because of her hilarious and popular twitter persona. Anna’s twitter shows a lot of her personality and she is very proud of what she tweets. He also reinforces her social media morals and values that many other celebrities don't follow and would likely benefit from. Also on the talk show, Andy Richter sat next to Anna and illustrated her compassionate personality traits. She complimented Andy often and diverted the attention from herself to share with him. Conan also gave her compliments throughout the whole interview on things she's done in social media, her talents and her looks. The interview on Conan O’ Brian’s talk show is hilarious throughout the whole thirteen minutes and gives a lot of information about Anna. She is very well represented the whole time, constantly smiling, making fun of herself while still promoting her new movie 50/50. Conan, Andy and Anna all get the audience interested in their twitter pages where Anna states that twitter is where “She’s a mess” but still frequently promotes herself. She's honest about herself to reinforce the fact that she is a normal person and not just a celebrity. Since the movie 50/50 has a controversial plot, a comedy about cancer, she really explained why it is a comedy and sympathizes and understands why people wouldn't want to see it. Anna did very well is showing her compassion on Conan about the movie about people’s lives and situations in general once again proving how down to earth and real she is in her very public career.

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  1. I agree with your opinion about the interview and Anna Kendrick. She's always been one of my favorite actresses because she seems to be very down-to-earth in comparison to other actors. I like the idea of how she can use this and her clean public image to promote herself. Great job!