Thursday, March 19, 2015

Blog 3: Katherine Heigl

I personally fell in love with Katherine Heigl due to her many appearances in my favorite genres of movies: chick flicks and romantic comedies. In most every one of her roles she is the funny female lead actress; however, she has become known around Hollywood as the biggest diva who nobody wants to work with. During her interview on The Meredith Vieira Show she makes a point to defend these comments to put to rest this claim once and for all. Once I began hearing these reoccurring statements about how rude Katherine was my perception of her began to change and then I read this interview and now I am even more confused about what to think of her.
During the time that I watched most of the movies that Katherine was in I didn’t know about this rumor going around about her being extremely rude off of screen. It really brought into perspective that the character an actor or actress plays on screen is not who they actually are as a person, which I think we all get confused on a lot of times. Knowing this rumor and watching movies of her I respected her less as an actress because I didn’t respect her as a person. Then I read her interview with Meredith Vieira. Honestly, I don’t think she did herself any help in this interview. This claim about her came from many sources, it wasn’t like she may have just had a few bad days when going into work. She didn’t defend her actions or apologize to those she upset because she obviously did upset some people. I got from it that everyone who made these accusations was wrong because she “knows” she is a nice person and they must have just misinterpreted her actions. She did this interview to change people’s perception of her but if these rumors were false I think she would’ve answered the questions in a different way. Part of it makes me believe that she doesn’t care what the audience thinks anymore because she is so established as an actress.
Meredith Vieira, the interviewer, simply asks the question and lets Katherine run free with it, which she does. Once she is done stating her case Meredith turns to asking some lighter questions, such as how Katherine met her husband, and ends the discussion regarding the rumors. I think Meredith takes this approach to allow the audience to view Katherine’s response in the way she is trying to portray it, not in a way that Meredith would be trying to portray it. The main take-away from the interview is that Katherine has a chance to defend herself once and for all regarding the claim that she is “very rude” behind the scenes at work.  Whether some feel she did herself justice or not, in her mind she did defend herself and end the ongoing media gossip about this character trait of hers. This may have been put in place by her publisher to give people a different outlook on who she was or maybe it came straight from the heart. Either way, I gathered from the interview that she doesn’t care if people think she is rude or not all that matters is that she knows she isn’t rude.
It is difficult to determine an actors personality through only the use of movies they played in and a short few interviews. I will still continue to watch films Katherine Heigl is in and I’m sure I will enjoy them just as much as her past films. I am in no place to judge her but I do keep my opinion of what I gathered from this interview.     


  1. Kaley,
    I had no idea that Katherine Heigl was a diva! Like you, I also enjoy watching her in chick flicks and romantic comedies. Seeing such a great actress and finding out that she is not a nice person to work with is upsetting. I agree that it can be hard to separate an actor/actress from the character that they portray. It becomes easy to believe that an actor/actress shares the same qualities as their character. I also find it interesting that you said if the rumors were false, her answers would have been different. I think that this is similar to the various ways in which people portray themselves given different situations - we act differently to our friends than we do to our parents. Katherine Heigl seemed satisfied with her answers; however, just because she is satisfied with them, that does not mean that other people agree or believe her. Great job analyzing her interview!

  2. I definitely never knew that Katherine Heigl was this way either. It seems shocking because I've never really looked into how she is offscreen, but rather just forming my opinions of her as a person onscreen. I think sometimes it's hard to remember that we cannot judge an actor or actresses true character and motives based on the roles they play in movies. Great job in giving this concept more thought and applying it to the interview!

  3. I'm a big fan or Grey's Anatomy (currently in the sixth season) and I have to admit that I never knew this about her! Right now, I'm kind of irritated at her character, but other than that I always thought she was a genuine, down to earth person. The accusations are shocking, but what's even more shocking to me, is that everyone (including myself) is so quick to believe it. She may actually be the sweet woman we like to think she is, but we can't know for sure because of what the media is telling us. Although, if she really has no idea what anyone is talking about calling her rude, she didnt do a very good job of defending herself.