Thursday, March 19, 2015

Blog 3

Among the many interviews, that I have watched of actors it is right to say that Kevin Hart’s Interview is one of my favorite ones. I learnt various things from the interview after watching it. For instance, after keenly watching Kevin Hart’s interview there is a way that I can say he wanted to be portrayed to the people or rather the audience in a unique way. He appears to lack sympathy to the people that he talks about in his stand up. However, he tries so much to avoid coming off as a mean-spirited, mainly because he is also so hard to himself. In addition, this routine regarding the wild animals that are in the suburbs brought some unexpected terrors of his personal life and to that of his family. It is true from the interview that he had some challenges to win the audience over with his confession, which indicates his inability to stay with his wife in case she might be attacked by a mountain lion.
In fact, this interview of Kevin Hart differs much from the information that I knew about him previously. In the previous times, he is a person who I knew was comfortable playing gay but now it is as he is very uncomfortable. This has been depicted in this interview with the New York’s power whereby he openly declared to have turned the role that he was given because he was not comfortable anymore with the way the role was so flagrant.
In addition, when they proceeded to interview him whether he will ever in his time dream of playing the gay role again, he stood firm and declined. This shows the opposite of expectation of even the interviewer because little did they know that he would let it go in his life. He gives a reason of insecurity as the obstacle that made him neglect the role and suggests that it is not because of any disrespect. Therefore, this is ironical and openly depicts to us that initially he was a fun of the same role that presently he is escaping hence differentiating himself from what I knew about him previously.
The interview has shaped my perception on the actor in a different dimension that I initially did not know. For instance, through the interview, I have seen that sometimes when things do not go as per the expectations of the actors (and for this case Kevin Hart), there are likelihoods of the individual doing away with the same. When Kevin realized that due to insecurity, he cannot manage to proceed with his role he was forced to stop it and turn to other different things though not mentioned in the interview. Therefore, I perceive Kevin as a character who is a man of his words and principles. He decides to neglect the role believing that he cannot perform it a hundred percent. This is a part that I liked in the interview that shows how honest Kevin is in his life.
Lastly from the interview there are many main ideas and points that I can highlight but the most best one is that once one feels that he cannot manage to perform a given role assigned to him in life, it is good to be honest and leave it for those who can perform it correctly. This is what mostly the interviewer from my point of view was targeting. It is true from the interview that Kevin achieved it well and appeared as the best representative of the same concept. It is a lesson to everyone in life and ought to be always practiced.

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