Thursday, March 19, 2015

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston is one of the most photographed celebrities in Hollywood yet she always plays a similar role. She has mostly played comedic roles in romantic comedies or sitcoms similar to the famous “Friends”. Jennifer stated that she wanted to answer her own question of “Could she play a serious role?”. In her upcoming movie Cake she hopes to start a new chapter and wash away any doubts on if she has been “type casted”.

This interview seemed to be completely under Jennifer Aniston’s control. She has rarely ever been formally interviewed unless she had something specific to say. In this interview on January 4 of 2015 she wanted to show that she can act in really any role. I think she wanted to be portrayed as a serious actress that can play any role. She wanted to be portrayed as a real woman and not the characters she has played.

Although I have not seen her new movie Cake it does seem to be a very serious drama with real emotions and no more of the glamorous roles she has played. Jennifer Aniston has always played comedic and beautiful roles. In this interview she showed somewhat that she wanted to be known as a true and strong serious actress rather than “Rachel” from friends. This definitely changed my perception of Jennifer Aniston because I saw her as a whole and as someone that is just doing her job and she isn't like the characters she has played.

The interviewer helped Jennifer Aniston immensely. I think he could have been more critical and more inquisitive if he wanted to be. Since, Aniston does not do many in depth interviews I'm sure that when she does she makes sure the interviewer has the right questions and the ones she wants to be exact. For example the interviewer asked where all the emotion and depths of the character in her upcoming film Cake came from, she then replied that she played off her own emotion and it grew to find her true strength in acting. The interviewer then asked if there was any part of her that wanted to say “I told you so” to all the doubters. Aniston was hesitant and started with a “maybe” but then said “maybe a tiny one”. This portrayed Aniston to be humble and just an amazing actress with strength that she wants to explore.

The interviewer did of course ask about some tabloid drama. He started by asking if Aniston still talked to Brad Pitt, her previous husband which ended in a messy divorce and revenge against his next wife. Jennifer Aniston replied that they have “exchanged good wishes but it hasn't been consistent”. The interviewer did not seem satisfied so Jennifer added “do you still talk to your ex wife?”. This seemed to simplify and silence his urging questions about the tabloid drama.

This interview made Jennifer Aniston appear extremely gracious and relatable. The main take away was simply that she is much more than the girl next door. Furthermore explaining how she became an actress, her comedic start, her life despite all the rumors and that she had always wanted to be a serious actor and is now accomplished that.

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  1. I agree, I have always seen her as only playing beautiful, comedic roles. This interview is intriguing with her asking herself "Could she play a serious role?" I love how she opened up about her family and life growing up as a child, explaining her love of laughter!