Saturday, January 25, 2014

We're the Millers

In the movie trailer We’re the Millers, the rhetorical devices of ethos, pathos, and logos are all used very effectively. The main actors in this film include Jennifer Aniston, Jason Sudeikis, Emma Roberts, and Ed Helms. All of these actors, especially Jennifer Aniston, are well known and admired actors. Having such famous actors gives the movie credibility. If someone watching this trailer was familiar with and liked any of these actors, they might be more willing to see this movie because they would logically think they would enjoy this movie as well. “The top box-office attractions tend to be personality stars. They stay on top by being themselves, by not trying to impersonate anyone” (Giannetti, 265). This demonstrates Jennifer Aniston’s typecast of being a romantic comedy star. Seeing her in this movie trailer lets us know that this movie will probably include some comedy, romance, or both. “ ‘Casting is characterization,’ Hitchcock pointed out. Once a role has been cast, especially with a personality star, the essence of the fictional character is already established. In a sense, stars are more ‘real’ than other characters, which is why many people refer to a character by the actor’s name, rather than by the name of the person in the story” (Giannetti, 282). Jennifer Aniston is talked about often in social media, usually about her love life. Since she is such a known celebrity and the events in her life are so public, she has a huge fan base that would most likely want to see any movie she is in. The actor Ed Helms in the movie is most known for his role in the Hangover, another comedy. Seeing him in the trailer is another indicator that this film includes comedy.
            The genre of this movie is a comedy. Throughout the entire film, jokes are made and parts of funny scenes are shown. This appeals to people’s emotions. A lot of people enjoy seeing movies that make them laugh. There are a wide variety of characters in the trailer that are shown. Jennifer Aniston is a stripper, Jason Sudeikis is her neighbor who deals pot, Emma Roberts is a punk, and Will Poulter is a nerd. This appeals to a vast array of people. People who relate to any of these characters or enjoy watching any of these characters will be more prone to want to watch the film. There is also sexual humor shown in the trailer that might appeal to other people’s emotions. Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis are both attractive actors and people may want to see the movie for that reason alone. The trailer shows Jennifer Aniston at one point in a bra and underwear dancing to prove that she is actually a stripper. Because this movie has both adults and teenagers in it, it is targeting audience members who are both teenagers and adults. The trailer shows the plot of all the characters pretending to be an American family so they can smuggle pot across the border. It shows the relationships among the two adults and two teenagers. This might appeal to a family to go see the movie together. The music in the trailer is upbeat and even has a little rap in it. From the music, you get the idea that the movie is going to be very entertaining and comical. 
            I think that this movie trailer is successful at capturing people’s interest in the movie. It shows the plot of the movie and lets the audience know what type of film it is, a comedy. It appeals to a wide range of people and is hilarious and creative.

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