Wednesday, January 22, 2014


An instant horror film classic couldn’t have a more fitting name. Insidious, meaning a gradual harm describes this trailer to the tee. A trailer jam packed with fear and mystery advertises a movie that doesn’t disappoint. By the end you’ll be sitting at the edge of your seat, or hiding under your bed. Either way, this trailer will certainly cause long lines outside your nearest theatre. Distinguished producers and familiar actors give this movie instant credibility. By incorporating aspects of ethos, logos, and pathos, this short clip convinces any viewers ages 13 and up to experience this supernatural horror film.

Right off the bat we grant this film authority by recognizing these producers from works such as “Paranormal Activity” and “Saw.” These big names relate to the audiences’ ethos and reassure to them that “Insidious” will be another classic. Patrick Wilson has a distinguishable face to those who have watched other modern day horror films, “many stars prefer to remain in the same mold, playing variations on the same character type” (Giannetti, 264). To those who enjoyed films such as “Paranormal Activity” or “Saw” or those who like Patrick Wilson, it’s only logical that you will enjoy this movie. By offering familiar names that have had past success this trailer definitely incorporates logos.

This trailer also does a fine job attracting to the audiences’ emotions. Pathos is a major tool that this trailer uses to catch our eyes. A number of people would admit a physical attraction to Patrick Wilson or Rose Byrne. This alone causes movie seats to fill up and DVD’s to be bought. The coloring targets emotions as well, just in a different way. The black coloring and shadows offer a dark sinister mood. The importance of colors is described here, “Color tends to be a subconscious element in film. It’s strongly emotional in its appeal, expressive and atmospheric rather than intellectual” (Giannetti, 22). Red is the only bright color we see throughout the video. In Understanding Movies there is a description of  “The Godfather” that can relate to this trailer, “In this shadowy world, only an occasional wisp of color is allowed to escape” (Giannetti, 24). The lighting in this trailer is also unique. Most of scenes we see in the trailer are grey. Even in the daylight there seems to be a feeling of overcast. This trailer uses colors and lighting to express the overall dark mood of the film. Noise is another tool used to put fear into the hearts of the audience. The noise in this trailer will explode during intense and terrifying moments. A sudden violent burst of noise is always a safe bet when attempting to scare innocent viewers.

Action seekers, you too are watching the right trailer. In this short clip we see plenty of action. Haunted children, gas masks, demons, and an all too creepy soundtrack won’t allow your heart to take a break. To go along with all this action, the plot itself is somewhat relatable. The setting and background is based on a small family living in a suburban lifestyle. The aspects of sleeping and comas are all things that us viewers can relate to. This is significant because a generic plot gives for a more believable story. Personally, horror films are my favorite genre and I believe it is those films that are realistic are the ones that people remember and fear the most.

             I believe this is a good trailer that advertises an even better movie. If you jumped during this two-minute clip, good luck keeping your eyes open during the two-hour film.

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