Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Kensey Gates 21 Jump Street Movie Trailer 

After watching the movie trailer for “21 Jump Street,” it’s pretty clear that it’s an action comedy. The trailer gives glimpses of humor filled scenes as well as multiple action shots involving guns, explosions, and chases. The trailer uses many rhetorical devices to draw the audience’s interest.
By using well-known and recognizable stars such as Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum, Dave Franco, and Ice Cube, the movie trailer appeals to their audience. There is an ethos appeal from the credibility from using well-liked actors and a logos appeal because the director’s choice of stars for the film was strategic in drawing people to watch them on the big screen. Using Channing Tatum and Dave Franco was a definite pathos appeal for girls. I mean HELLO just take a look at those gorgeous men! Who wouldn’t immediately feel love for them and drag themselves to the movies just to stare at them alone!?! The stars who appeared in the trailer are a huge magnet for the movie, as “stars confer instant consequence to any film they appear in” (Giannetti 251).

Oh Hey! 

The trailer uses pathos through the upbeat music and sounds to appeal on the audience’s emotion. The music is lively and exciting and almost gives off a party type vibe. The sounds such as the gunshots and explosions are action packed and immediately give a sense of adrenaline. Another appeal to the emotion involves the ability to relate to the characters in the film. One of the actors (Channing Tatum) is shown to be the good- looking popular guy who accedes in sports, where as his friend is the nerdy guy who is exceptional in academics (Jonah Hill). By making these two contrasting characters, the audience has one of the two types that they can probably semi relate to from their high school days. This relatable factor plays on the emotions and acts as a connection to the film.
An immediate appearance of ethos and logos appeal is used, by drawing light to the well reputable production companies Columbia Pictures and MGM Studios. The production companies have a great repute and “if a company is well known, liked, and respected, that reputation will contribute to its persuasive power” (Lunsford 54). The trailer made it clear they were responsible for “21 Jump Street”  as a powerful tool to lure people to go see the film.
All of these arguments together are very convincing to appeal to the desired audience. The trailer shows that there is crude humor, which is a direct pull to mainly teenagers and young adults. The action scenes are lively and exciting making the movie seem upbeat and thrilling! Every decision made for what appeared in the movie was clearly well planned out, as every detail of it seemed to draw me in. From the comedic lines, thrilling scenes, and DREAMY actors, all of the rhetoric devices work together to hook the audience in. Due to each well thought out aspect of the movie trailer, I would give the movie trailer a rating of five slurpees. It uses ethos, pathos, and logos numerous times in an effective way that is super captivating!

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