Thursday, January 23, 2014

Blood Diamond Trailer

            When I was told that our assignment was to analyze a movie trailer, the first movie that came to my mind was The Blood Diamond. I can still remember the first time I saw the trailer, I felt adrenaline and emotions, with a great desire of watching the full movie. The trailer kept me engaged from the beginning to the end. The actors, the music, and the adrenaline made me position the movie in high standards.
            After watching the trailer, I easily classified the movie as a thriller because the different scenes included excitement, suspense and tension. They also show the main plot of the story. One of the ethos in the trailer are the main actors which are Leonardo Dicaprio, Jennifer Connelly and Djimon Hounsou. Leonardo Dicaprio in particular, is internationally known and he holds a high reputation and performs a certain acting style. The acting styles are really important for characters and filmmakers “Acting styles are determined in part by a players energy level. High Voltage performers usually project to the audience, commanding our attention with a bravura style.” (Understanding Movies, 275). Dicaprio has taken several different roles in his acting carrier. He has been in love stories and in action, which puts him in a more flexible position. I also knew Jennifer Connelly and Dijimon Hounsou because they both appeared in movies like Hulk and The Gladiator. Another ethos showing credibility in the trailer are the two film companies that were the ones that made the movie, which are Warner Bros and Virtual Studios. Those are both well-known companies. Logo credibility is that the director shows in the trailer that is the same director of the movie Glory and The Last Samurai, which are also two well-known movies.
            The utilization of pathos is evident through out the trailer because of their choices in music. While narrating the plot of the movie, a slow beat music is used. However, when the action scenes start to appear, there is a transition to a higher beat making it more engaging but at the same time understanding the plot. One other pathos in the trailer is all the emotions of the characters shows like fear when their are being attacked by the rebels, confusion when they do not know how to rescue Salomon’s child, stress when they want to all be over, desire for revenge when the rebels capture Salomon’s child, angry since they want to kill all the rebels, adrenaline when they are being chased by the rebels, sadness when the rebels attacked Salomon’s village.
Furthermore, The Blood Diamond was nominated for twenty-one awards, and won three. Both Dicaprio and Hunsou were nominated for the Best Supporting Actor and the Academy Award for the best Actor. The movie was rated as “R” which means that it is for an audience older than eighteen years old. Its argument is clearly effective because there is action, war and love on the trailer, which makes it interesting for this audience.

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