Thursday, January 30, 2014

Glory Road Soundtrack Evaluation

Glory Road

Disney’s, “Glory Road,” is a movie based on a true story that encompasses the truth, struggle and victory of an all black male basketball team from El Paso, Texas. Along with a story that showed the behind the scenes aspect of an all black basketball team, there were also key elements, such as music and sound, that added to the emotion of certain scenes and created a sense of feeling to the watcher, or me I should say. I will explain two scenes from the movie that shows humor and “teary-eyed” happiness that are accompanied by certain genres of music.
Before I get started, I have seen this movie several times. But until I was forced to actually listen to the type of music in the background, I was very surprised as to the amount of songs that DIDN’T have words… Needless to say I was upset. But I soon got over it after a couple tissues and some chocolate…
The first scene I would like to talk about is a scene when the basketball team is on a winning streak. They are feeling good, they are rolling in the wins and just feeling extra spicy. The beginning of the scene starts out with one of the older coaches who is singing and old country song that is barely recognizable. After being heckled, one of the white players holds up a portable music player and he plays a very boring, monotonous song… Within seconds, the black players sarcastically turn off his music and the attention turns to a black player in the very back of the bus who says, “You guys need to get with this…” The song he plays is a jam, very upbeat and obviously one to dance to because the lyrics say, “Were dancing in the street. Down in Chicago and New Orleans. And in New York City!” As this song is being played, it is showing little clips of victories the team is accomplishing on the road and little clips of the players actually dancing on the bus. So this song choice adds a sense of happiness and ease to the watcher knowing that what the team is accomplishing is making them feel good and it also made me feel good… and it made me want to dance. And I did. Anyways, moving on…
The next clip is at the very end of the movie when the team has arrived at the airport back home with the NCAA championship trophy in hand. As they arrive, the song that is playing is singing these lyrics… “People get ready, there is a train a’comin. You don’t have to worry, you just get on board…” This scene shows a sense of accomplishment and reluctantly makes the watcher sit back in their seat and grin because you see how happy the players are in that moment. It is a rather slow song, but is has a very happy vibe to it.
Overall, this movie has a vast majority of non lyrical songs,(which angered me), but it also accompanied by old school gospel songs that just make you feel good inside. And I think that is what the producer wanted, to make you feel good in the end. I personally really like this movie but was slightly disappointed in the soundtrack. I still like it though. It’s a classic! Go watch it… seriously… do it.

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