Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Endless Love

The trailer opens up with Pettyfer’s character David Axelrod (not stated in the trailer) opening up the car door for the other main character, Gabriella Wilde’s character, Jade Butterfield. The scene progresses into her dropping her items and them both reaching down to pick them up, where their eyes meet. This is a typical almost cliché way for two future partners in a romance to meet; yet it accomplishes the job of capturing the audience. This first scene appeals to the audience’s pathos, as they can see the instantaneous connection between the two and yearn for them to be together. The trailer proceeds to explain by quoting the mother that she had been kept away from her childhood as her father insisted that she stay in the house. Pettyfer’s character is a poor teenager while the girl is a wealthy heiress to a powerful businessman whom is not found of her new love interest. This introduces the aspect of logos, as the audience understands the logic behind why their love is forbidden, only enhancing their emotional desire for the two main characters to be together.
Alex Pettyfer, a well-known actor and an attractive one at that is casted as one of the co-main characters in the movie. Casting him in it of its self will draw in his fan base to see this movie, as it is the newest movie that he is presented in. Pettyfer is known in his fan world as usually playing the hero in some sense or the dreamy character that has the audience in love with him by the end. The way he is depicted in this trailer is no different “many stars prefer to remain in the same mold, playing variations on the same character type” (McWhorter 264). The trailer does not state the other movies that Pettyfer has been in; however his name is well enough known with in his fan base that it will spread.  This is an appeal to ethos as he has both recognition and authority over other actors. The trailer does not state the other movies that Pettyfer has been in; however his name is well enough known with in his fan base that it will spread.
The music changes three times in the course of the trailer, as it is broken into three parts. First, the trailer shows a black screen with the words This Valentines day on it. In this portion of the trailer the two main characters are first introduced to each other and the music is slower and calmer. This presents a happy feeling into the audience and a hope for them to be together. Then the music moves into a more enticing and suspenseful beat as the trailer then flashes another black screen with the words say goodbye on it. The trailer proceeds to give clips depicting the characters’ progressing romance and the revelation of their forbidden love. Finally the music speeds up and becomes much louder as the trailer depicts scenes of the father and the male main character intensely talking. At the end of the trailer the music cuts off and only shows the Movie title and date that it is released.
The trailer gives the movie release day on two occasions, once at the beginning and again at the very end. The release date is very strategic in that releasing a romance movie, a story of a forbidden love and their struggle to over come it, on Valentine’s Day as many will be sure to draw in multiple audience’s eager to see how the two main characters end up in regards to their relationship.
The trailer combines romance, sexuality, and drama, the perfect Valentine’s Day movie. For those of you who fall weak to a good love story, this trailer will sure do its job in convincing you to go see the movie. I give this trailer a 5 out 5 slurpee rating.

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