Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Notebook

The movie trailer that I chose to analyze is The Notebook. This movie stars Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling. They are recognizable actors, but this movie made them more famous than they already were. The textbook says “When your readers may be skeptical of both you and your claim, you may have to be even more specific about your credentials” (Lunsford, Ruszkiewics, Walters, 51). The trailer says “From the best-selling novel by Nicholas Sparks” which shows credibility. If a movie is based on a famous book, it is more likely that people will want to see it. Nicholas Sparks has written many famous novels and is very popular with people who are into romance. There have also been many movies based on his books that have been successful, so this practically guarantees that The Notebook will be a success.
The trailer appeals to the pathos of the audience because it is very romantic. The music is very romantic and it makes what is happening in the trailer seem more dramatic. Every time an intense scene is going on, the music becomes louder. The scenery in the trailer also appeals to the pathos of the audience because it shows a lake with swans, which are usually associated with a romantic movie. There is a very heartfelt scene where two characters are fighting and rain starts pouring which is also pathos because it shows that things are getting complicated. There is a narrator speaking throughout the trailer that is telling us some things that will happen in the movie. In the movie, the main female character is confused between two men and the narrator says “Who will she choose?” This makes the audience curious and excited to see what will happen in the end.
The trailer shows ethos because the main characters who are in love are from different social and economic backgrounds making the characters seem more real.  The actors seem to have taken their role very seriously because they dress the part of their characters. It is obvious from the way they dress and speak that the setting of the movie is from an earlier time. Rachel McAdams, who plays the rich girl in the movie is dressed very elegantly, while Ryan Gosling who does not have any money dressed in a shabby manner. According to our textbook  “Audiences respond well to the use of reasons and evidence- to the presentation of facts, statistics, credible testimony, cogent examples, or even a narrative or story that embodies a sound reason in support of an argument” (Lunsford, Ruszkiewics, Walters, 27). One fact of the film (logos) is that it is a film by Alliance. Another way logos is shown is by naming the actors that are starring in this film. Throughout the trailer, it seems like the movie will be filled with love and adventure. There are many scenes where the main characters are having fun by dancing, jumping in the water and canoeing in the lake. The audience is likely to feel their love if they seem to be enjoying each other’s company.
I feel that the trailer is an accurate description because it represents the movie very well. It is obvious that it is a love story with lots of drama in the trailer and the movie is like that. I would really recommend seeing this movie!

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