Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Good The Bad and The Ugly


The Good The Bad and The Ugly (Il Buono, il Brutto, il Cattivo)

 is a classic western film made in 1966, set during the American Civil War.  The Good The Bad and The Ugly stars; Clint Eastwood, Eli Wallach, and Lee Van Cleef.  This movie trailer is over three minutes long with lots of hollering and action music.  The film trailer starts out with Clint Eastwood lighting a cannon with his lit cigar.  Cannons began to shoot off and grab the viewer’s attention. From the cigar smoke the main character Clint Eastwood is introduced.  The viewer is then connected to the good the bad and the ugly as the three main characters of the film.  Sounds of desolation, wind, and yells are heard in the background.  The trailer then describes the blue and the gray in context of a civil war battle being waged, while Clint Eastwood watches, with a cigar in his mouth.  After the battle two of the characters are captured and we hear a change of music.  The trailer then moves on to the questions and the answers as Eli Wallach is questioned and then escapes.  In the last half of the movie trailer we get the showdown.  The main characters showdown in a timeless, western gunfight.  The reason is for gold.  The trailer shows us the face-off in a wide camera angle pointed at Clint Eastwood’s pistol.  All three characters lock eyes, with zoomed in camera shots.  Suspense is in the air, Clint Eastwood draws his gun and the movie trailer ends with the good the bad and the ugly.

The Good The Bad and The Ugly is based on all three characters survival, wants, and greed for gold.  The main characters run into each other through out the film and barley escape being killed by one another.  The film was filmed in Italy and Spain, which is very ironic considering it, is an American western.  The vast landscapes resemble that of the American frontier and features breath taking views.  This film is raw and is not your typical “good guy” “bad guy” western.  Clint Eastwood plays the “good guy” but his character is really no better than the other two, he is just smarter and shoots faster.  This film is filled with an amazing sound track that enhances every scene.  The fashion and dress in the movie trailer matches the time era exactly.  The movie is just over 2 and ½ hours long with other versions that are even longer.  This movie is rated R and it deserves it.

This movie trailer is very convincing and pulled on a lot of emotion (Pathos), with all of the battle scenes and music.  This trailer suggests the characters morals and ethics (Ethos) take a backseat to guns, greed, and gold.  The trailer pushes us to trust Clint Eastwood even though his character is the not so good guy.  The logic (Logos) connected to this film trailer is, if you like the iconic Clint Eastwood or brutal westerns you will like this film.  His face is the first one you see, as well as his name being front and center.  This trailer is full of action and suspense, as you want to see more.  

"Color has great power. Consider the color red. It attracts hummingbirds and traffic cops." --Everything's an Argument chapter 14.  This argument brings up color and visual power of images.  This film trailer utilizes color and visual arguments to its advantage.

I would rate this film trailer 5 slurpees out of 5 slurpees.  The trailer left the viewer guessing and wanting to see more.  It is a classic film and a great trailer for its time.  I would suggest this movie to anyone who enjoys action/western films.    


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