Thursday, January 23, 2014

Lucia Kruseman: Never Back Down

The movie trailer of Never Back Down is about a guy name, Jake Tyler that is moving into a new high school. There, he gets involve into a fight and was defeated by Ryan McCarthy, that seems like the typical cool/problematic guy. Moreover there are scenes of different fights in parties and nightclubs. Furthermore appears that Jake start to take martial arts classes, to learn how to defend. Besides of all the fights there is also a romantic scene where Jake and Baja are kissing. At the end starts showing in bright red, orange and yellow colors some slogans before the tittle appears saying: never give in and never give up.

In the movie trailer Never Back Down, the trailer starts with dark images portraying the night that could symbolize that something is not going to end well. Also shows lots of fights including parts of the scene of the fight that ends up being the climax of the movie. Also as in Understanding Movies mentions that through the use of spot lights, and image can be composed of violent contrasts of light and darks (Understanding Movies, 21). All the lighting throughout the trailer it is mostly dark colors or either bright colors like red, orange and yellow. That “Red is also the color of danger. Of violence. Of blood” (Understanding Movies, 23).  

In my opinion the genre of the movie is thriller, since has an exiting plot and involves violence. One of the ethos of the trailer is that shows the American film studio Summit Entertainment. Also another ethos is the well-known actor Sean Faris that is actually the protagonist of the movie, Jake Tyler. Since at that time he was a well-known actor, fans could want to go and watch the movie because they like how he acts. A logo of the movie trailer is that Summit Entertainment is a really well known film company and before making Never Back Down had done more than twenty-five recognized movies.  Also another logo is that the movie is rated PG-13, so this will make more people want to watch since could be a family movie. The trailer shows lots of different pathos. One of them is fighting you can see the tension in the fighters eyes and adrenaline all around the scene. Also there is some romance that involves happiness between Jake and Baja there’s even a kiss scene in the trailer. But also there is sadness there is a scene that Baja is crying and looks anxious. These movie seems to have all kinds of emotions and that is one think that in my opinion lots of people like, so that is a way that the trailer is trying to convince people to watch the movie.  Since most of the guys love to watch fighting and all that action stuff but in the other hand girls love to watch some romance in the movies. So this makes the movie more interesting for both genders.

As I mention it before these arguments appeal to both women and men from the ages thirteen and above. Since it is not that typical cheese movie it is an action movie that also involves romance. It is an effective argument since the audience of the movie it is mostly teenagers and adults.

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