Thursday, January 22, 2015

Pineapple Express is about a process server named Dale who witnesses a murder while delivering his papers. When Dale leaves the scene he tosses his roach out the window and calls his drug dealer. When Saul his drug dealer hears about this he freaks out and tells Dale to come over. They realize that that roach has been traced back to them and they pack up to run from the people who are now after them. 
The Movie poster does not seem to reveal much information about the movie, but it actually reveals quite a bit of information about this movie without giving away what happens in the movie. What really caught my eye when I look at the movie poster was the facial expressions on each of the characters faces. Saul the drug dealer looks very high and not worried about a thing, while the other two characters look like they are about to go into battle with their guns. 
The ethos and logos of the poster came from the words. The movie is related to another comedy in the tagline, “From the guys who brought you Superbad” this now tells the viewer that it is an action comedy. 
Under the Title it reads “put this in your pipe and smoke it” is a reference to smoking marijuana and if that wasn't enough to convince you it was about marijuana then the smoke they are walking out of should do the justice.

The names of the actors are also at the very top of the poster. Seth Rogan and James Franco both notorious for their incredibly comical films. Although these two actors are known for their films, this poster portrays they are the main characters which is not all true. Danny McBride, the actor on the left also plays a huge role in this film so the poster is misleading to who the main characters really are. The overall goal of the poster is to catch peoples attention and make them want to go see the movie, and I think this poster succeeds to do so within a range of ages. Not all people are going to want to watch a movie about drugs and violence especially if drugs are seen to be a good thing. But overall again I believe that this poster does a good job persuading people to see the film. With this poster having each the ethos, pathos, and logos factors the poster accomplished its purpose.
-Scott Fisher

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