Thursday, January 22, 2015

Blog1- The wedding Ringer.

In movies industries, advertising for upcoming movies is mainly relying upon two things, first is the trailers and second is images and designs of posters to steal audience attentions while they are shopping. The movie poster has to give the audience a clue about the movie and trigger their curiosity. The poster of “The wedding ringer” had some credit in grabbing my attention. This report will discuss the posters layout, focus points, actors and delivering the right message of the movie.

            First of all, there is a picture of the main characters in the middle sitting on a long chair and an Asian man lying down on the floor. Obviously, the most famous actor who is starring this movie is Kevin Hart, he is standing behind the group. Kevin has started as a stand up comedian and released stand-up album. Besides, he took a role in a TV series named Undeclared. After that he played different roles in many movies such as Paper Soldiers, Scary Movie 3, Think like a man, Ride Along and About The Last Night. The designer of this poster wanted to focus more on Kevin so the audiences recognize him faster and want to watch the movie by placing him standing and opening his arms with a big smile on his face, while the others are sitting. It is also a smart way keep him standing since he is 5 ft. and 4 inches. Starting from the left, we see Josh Gad (Doug Harris) as the groom holding the dog and the bride Kaley Cuoco sitting beside him and both of them look upset and unhappy with their surrounding, which indicates that something went wrong in their wedding ceremony as the first time I saw the poster. That guess was right and the image delivered the right idea about their wedding. In addition, there are other four men from different ethnicity. Each of them has his own characters and style, and all of them are drunk. With bright red background we see in the top of the poster they wrote two other famous actors beside Kevin's name, Josh Gad and Kaley Cuoco to grab more attention to the movie since they played main roles. Also the bottom side is showing the release date, which is January 2015, with other actors and participated media distribution companies. The movie filmed in the one of most famous company around the world which is Sony studios and this ensure that the film will be in high quality.

            All in all, the poster design clearly conveys that the genre of this movie will be comedy by showing Kevin Hart smiling with group of drunk men around. Despite the presence of upset couple, the title of the movie has given a clue about what the story will be about. However, the trailer made it more obvious for me because by only seeing the poster I would not know about how Kevin's role related to the groom and his bride with the other drunk men. The movie poster had the credit in making me interested to watch the movie but it did not give the complete idea about the business that Kevin is doing in the movie.

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