Thursday, January 22, 2015



The movie blow is about a man named George Joung. George grew up in Boston and moved to California in his 20s. He started out as a small time pot dealer. After getting caught with 660 pounds of weed he went to prison. In prison he met a guy who introduced him to cocaine. This man would eventually become his partner in selling cocaine once he gets out of prison. Once he got out he would fly to Columbia and pick up large quantities of cocaine and fly them back to US where he would sell it. Through this he made millions and millions of dollars. He then was caught again and sent to prison. The logos on the poster include a pile of money on top of a man and white powder (cocaine) spared at the bottom. Putting money on the poster would attract people to seeing the movie  If someone looking at the poster has some knowledge of drugs they would know that Blow is a slang term for cocaine and that the power at the bottom was cocaine. But if you didn’t know that blow was another word for cocaine you might not be able to figure out what the movie was about. Another ethos tactic that was used was putting two famous actors on the front cover Johnny Depp is a very well-known and phenomenal actor, and by putting his name on the cover the audience can expect it to be a good movie. The other actor that is on the movie poster is Penelope Curze although she isn’t a big role, she is a well-known actor. And by putting her name on the poster it will attract more people. Also by putting her name on the poster it will attract woman to watching this movie. Although drugs are not typically an interesting topic to woman. The fact that Penelope Curze is on the cover will attract woman. The pathos method that was used in the poster was the red background and black outline. This gives a negative or sad feeling. And overall the movie is pretty sad. His first wife dies of cancer and in the end of the movie his friends set him up and he ends up in prison. As the movie poster says it was based on a true movie this ethos tactic brings and expectation of the audience or being real. Another pathos method they use on the movie poster is the serious expression on both their faces suggesting that it’s a serious movie But Hollywood producers use the phrase “based on a true story” very loosely. And just like many Hollywood movies many of the events are exaggerate and made to make the movie more enjoyable. Over all I don’t believe that the movie poster shows the true storyline of the movie. Although most of the movie is about cocaine. The movie poster doesn’t show the whole process he went through of selling the cocaine or his time in prison.

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