Thursday, January 22, 2015

Blog one: The Host

Blog One 
The movie The Host is mediocre when it comes to communicating the main idea of the film. It displays the emphasis on the main character Melanie, or otherwise known as Wanderer, as being the main character of the film. It also does appear to be somewhat sci-fi or futuristic in the genre, which is true.

It also displays the two boys in the background, making them appear to be main characters as well when they really are only involved in less than half of the film. There is also a romantic part of the film which is somewhat absent, or wrongfully displayed in the poster. The one soul is in love with the boy on the left but the other soul living in Melanie’s body is in love with the boy on the right. This is not displayed properly and it also is only apparent in less than half of the movie.

There also is no display of the other force that the humans are truly fighting which is a main part of the film. They completely left off the villain from the poster. This is very misleading because the white creatures that the humans are fighting are involved in every step of Melanie's journey. This could have strategically been done to attract both of the sexes. They have the action sort of appeal on the front as well as a somewhat pretty romance. This could be an attempt to draw both sexes to see the film. It also could be a draw into the mystery. The “beings” and “souls” are so new and unknown in this film. If they chose to leave out the main mystery then it can be a shock when it does appeal in the movie.

It does seem to display the dessert setting in the background which is only in half of the film.

The persuasive aspects of this poster are very apparent as it pertains to ethos, pathos and logos. In the aspect of pathos I analyzed multiple areas. For color, it shows a lot of the lighting on these three main character. But on the words the host there is the blue hue and circular glow around it which is foreshadowing to the eyes of the creatures. They also use the font of “The Host” to seem very streamline and clean as appeased to the dusty and dirty sweaty look of the characters. Facial expressions also target pathos because of how the boy on the left is longingly looking towards Melanie, the one he loves. Melanie is looking forward with strong eyes because she is prepared. The boy to the left has a different look towards because it is looking into the unknown. The tagline is the last target of the pathos because it says “choose to believe. choose to fight. choose to love”. This targets both male and female emotions and can relate to anyone in this sense.

For the aspect of ethos there were also many different facets. When it comes to ethos it is very apparent in this poster. At the very top it addresses the writer, who also wrote a very popular book series. This gives credibility and entices readers to trust the writer of the film because of her previous works. It also seen as it displays very boldly who the director is. However, I am not familiar with any of the actors. This is also an important part of the poster and plays off of the ethos aspect. When it comes to the information about the film such as the director, the writer, the actors and actress. It also is the release date that is at the very end of March of 2013 during a time of end of the world hype. It also pertains to the setting and background of the desert and dirt feel contrasting the dark and mysterious bottom.

This poster was somewhat successful in enticing me to see the movie. However, it was misleading in what the movie was completely about. I had already seen some trailers and even the trailers were misleading about the evil force.

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