Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Meet the Parents Movie Poster

            The purpose of the movie poster is to catch the eye of the audience and bring them in to watch the movie. This can be achieved through various methods but all use ethos, pathos, or logos to draw the audience in. The award winning film Meet the Parents uses all three of these techniques in its movie poster.
            The poster must accurately portray the movie while making it seem intriguing and inviting. The first thing the audiences eye is drawn to when looking at this poster is Ben Stiller who is wearing bright blue silk pajamas. This technique is a form of ethos and it was used to intrigue the audience because Ben Stiller is a credible and successful actor and if he was successful in other movies, this movie has the potential to be great as well. Robert De Niro is also a credible actor because of his success, that is why these were the two characters put on the cover of the poster. With these actors in the film it is bound to be an entertaining one and that’s what the audience will see when they look at this poster.
            This poster uses pathos to intrigue the audience as well, this is obviously going to be a comedy because of the title of the film and the relationship that is portrayed between the man and the parents that he meets according to the title of the film. This might also be relatable to people because often times people have bad experiences with their own families or with meeting other peoples families. In some cases, it might be as extreme as the situation on the movie poster where Ben Stiller is hooked up to a lie detector. The colors are also using pathos, the movie poster is full of bright colors which portray a cheerful movie. The font in the movie poster is also a playful and colorful font so although the facial expressions portray a serious movie the audience can tell that it will be a comedy from the use of color and humor in the poster.
            This movie poster does not have much factual information on it therefore it does not rely heavily on the use of logos. The only words on the poster is the title of the movie, Meet the Parents so this is the only factual information on the poster. The audience would have to look up the movie to find more information on it, this could be a technique used by the creators of the movie poster because if people are interested in the movie and look into it they might look up show times and go see the movie while they are making this effort.
            This poster does a great job of accurately portraying the movie, it is a humorous movie but the humor is based on how serious these characters are. The movie poster shows both the serious nature of the characters and also the bright and happy feeling that the movie brings the audience. There are no misleading aspects of this poster, it shows both the upbeat and the more serious side of the movie in one poster.

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  1. I totally agree that having Ben Stiller and Robert Di Niro on the poster draws an audience instantly. They are both big names with large fan bases, yet they have not been in a movie together before. Any movie with Ben Stiller is going to have you laughing the entire time.