Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Blog #1: Fantastic Mr. Fox

Maria Barrientos
Fantastic Mr. Fox
The poster for Fantastic Mr. Fox gives off a fun adventurous feel with a warm family environment, a sense of togetherness all the while there is a diverse set of characters that drew me in to watch this movie.  The director Wes Anderson drew me in to see this film, however I was unsure until viewing the poster.  The central characters are indeed the leads for the movie.  The weasel, however does not play a large part in the movie with maybe one or two scenes on screen.  However, because the weasel is played or rather, voiced by Owen Wilson, there is a preconceived notion that it will be funny because of Wilson’s comedic performances prior to this movie.  

The poster could be misleading because of the title and background. Why is he so fantastic if the farmers (top right of the poster) are holding a shovel?

The poster fits the genre, family friendly with the rating of PG which can reach a wider audience that is able to view the movie.  the production house is featured to establish more credibility.  The release date is not featured but has a “coming soon” to create a sense of anticipation for the release of the film.  

The credibility or ethos for the film’s poster is featured in the title, director and actors.  
The movie is based on a Roald Dahl book, the same author as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Matilda.  The movie’s base as a Roald Dahl book brings in another fan base that has to appeal the readers rather than just from the director or actors.  The director, 
Wes Anderson also brings credibility to the movie because he brings in his own particular style of directing and his own fan base for his movies.  Anderson is partial to symmetry 
and a specific palette in his films that attract people to his movies.  The actors that are 
in his movie are also displayed across the poster prominently such as George Clooney 
and Meryl Streep.  Furthermore, three of the actors also on the poster are actors that Anderson usually works with that are featured in the majority of his other films.  
Critic reviews are also prominent in the movie poster.  A bold sans serif font that is red 
with a contrast of a lightweight font (black), features action and stability in the colors chosen. The facts or logos is in the title from the Roald Dahl book that is featured in a rural setting and also set underground as seen in the poster.  Roots droop from the ceiling where
the main characters are featured.  Pathos or rather emotions that are used to draw in the audience are prominent in color.  As mentioned before, Anderson uses a specific palate for his movies, for Fantastic Mr. Fox, he uses yellows and red which indicate warmth with undertones of action and slight aggression.  The color for the font for the title is yellow and it is also in a bold sans serif for clear legibility.  The poster is visually symmetrical which does a good job in attracting someone to watch the movie, the colors are inviting and the characters facial expressions indicate for a fun film.

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  1. There is a lot going on in this poster but you did a great job of clarifying the reasoning behind each aspect! Great Blog!