Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Italian Job-revenge never tasted so sweet
by: Rob DeCamp

For my movie trailer, I chose to critique F. Gary Grey’s The Italian Job 2003. Known as an action, crime and thriller the movie is a classic action packed film with a superstar cast.

The film features: Donald Sutherland (also known for the Hunger Games series and The Eagle), Mark Walberg (also known for Lone Survivor, Shooter and The Fighter) and Charlize Theron (also known for Hancock and Snow White and the Huntsman). These actors help build up the films ethos. Seeing that they are well known and well established this would influence the audience to want to go and see the film.

The trailer does a good job of showing pathos to the audience. For one, many women find Mark Walberg to be attractive and have kind of a sex appeal. This could make the audience want to go and see the film. It also has very short exerts of humor from the film. The audience sees that the characters get along very well and have obviously been friends for a long time and they have fun with each other. The trailer also does a good job of informing the audience about the story. The trailer starts off by telling the audience where the actors are and what they are doing. Seeing that the title of the movie is The Italian Job, the trailer opens up by informing the audience of a huge heist happening in Venice, Italy. The plan was executed perfectly and they characters escaped with all the gold. Little did they know however, that one of characters, Steve, played by Edward Norton, would turn on them and steal all of their gold. When the head of the whole operation John Bridger, played by Donald Sutherland, tries to reason with Steve, he shoots and kills him. This really draws the audience in by displaying the emotion of betrayal.

The trailer goes on to show that the rest of the actors have come up with a plan to get their revenge on Steve. They recruit Bridger’s daughter, Stella, played by Charlize Theron. The trailer features many car chases, explosions, helicopters and lots of technology that went into devising the plan to get their revenge on Steve. This contributes to the logos of the film because the film is in the action/thriller genre, which is well executed in the trailer. I personally have always been drawn to movies with explosions and big car chases and this trailer shows that very well.  

The trailer overall does a great job of not showing too much but the perfect amount of what the movie is all about. It does a good job of depicting the story line and showing what the plot is. It hits on the emotions of the movie and the betrayal that the characters feel when one of their most trusted friends turns on them due to greed. It also does a fantastic job of showing the audience what kind of movie they are going to see.

Overall, I think this trailer is awesome and well done and truly informs the audience of what movie they are going to see and convinces them to go and see it.

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