Sunday, September 7, 2014

Taken- Blog 1

            The Taken trailer begins with listing off a number of statistics that are detrimental to the movie. The statistics demonstrate an emotional appeal which falls under the pathos category. Kids are seemed as innocent and women are seemed as pure individuals. These statistics are touching home with the viewers because in one way or another everyone has a loved one whether it is a kid or a female.
            The next noticeable mode of persuasion is Liam Neeson, he is a popular actor in today’s time and has played countless movies such as Five Minutes of Heaven, The grey, Batman Begins, and so on. It show the audience the films credibility by starring Liam Neeson who as the leading actor. His films that he has played in all seem to dramatic films. The trailer does a great job of showing important scenes throughout the movie of him having very intense lines.
            The trailer does a great job by setting up pathos by listing step by step in the trailer of why he does not want his daughter going across the world. Then step by step showing why he must travel across the world to save his daughter. The trailer does a great job of the clarity of the claim, and the persuading of reasoning upon why everything is happening the way it is. Every Dad who has a daughter, this is what they feel for. So this touches home with all men out there.

The Trailer does a great job of situating the scenes in the trailer that align with the movie. At times you see trailers that scatter their way through the movie to make the trailer seem different from the scenes in the movie. The movie starts with a conversation between the dad and the daughter; it kind of foreshadows what is going to happen throughout the next few scenes. The colors and soundtrack are a good fit because the dark and gloomy colors set the tone for the movie and the soundtrack is setting a perfect emotional appeal.

Overall I give the Taken trailer 5 out of 5 personally simply because I think they nailed each mode of persuasion on the head. Whether it was ethos, pathos, or logos each of these were demonstrated thoroughly to have the deepest amount of connection with the many viewers. One of the movie posters I found did a great job with an attention grabber by using a essential quote in the movie. Also they use colors that are jam packed perfectly to set up a dramatic tone. The dark colors go well because of the problem this movie is demonstrating in today’s world and the orange is thrown in there for an action packed part of the movie. If you have ever seen a Liam Neeson film, just buy seeing the poster would make you have thoughts of seeing this one as well due to the fact there are similarities between this movie and those others that he has done in the past.

George Baltimore IV

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